Yokohama Train Station Covered With Pikachus

Screenshot: Ryuki

Each summer, a “Pikachu Outbreak” event is held in Yokohama. It features marching and dancing Pikachus. This year’s event not only featured the sights of Pikachu, but also the sounds.

Sakuragicho Station, the adjacent station to where the event is held, was covered in Pikachus as you can see in these photos taken by Twitter user Ryuki. This kind of thing is not new.

However, as reported by NewsGamme, the station’s ticket wickets also make Pikachu noises! Typically, the ticket wickets go beep, but during the Pikachu Outbreak, they go pika-pika.

The little footprints are a cute touch.

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak goes from August 6 to August 12.


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