You Can Get Married By Duke Nukem Now

You Can Get Married By Duke Nukem Now

Ever find that weddings were just a little too … wholesome? Well, now you can spice them up with a bit of Duke Nukem.

John St. John, the voice actor for Duke Nukem throughout the entire series, announced on Twitter early Friday that he has become a legally ordained minister. In short: you can have your wedding officiated by Duke Nukem.

Duke also confirmed that he’d officiate weddings as Big the Cat, if people really wanted, and he was more than happy to officiate same-sex marriages if asked.

But the true joy here lies in the memes, which the internet was all too happy to run with.

What a wholesome turn of events to end the week on.


  • Duke: “I now pronounce you husband and wife, I may kiss the bride”

    Groom: “Huh? What the hell, Duke?!….Karen!!”

    Bride: “Hail to the King baby!”

    • Sounds about right. Wouldn’t surprise me if a condition of getting married by Duke Nukem is that he claims the right of primae noctis.

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