Breath Of The Wild Is Still The Best

breath of the wild rocks are the best

If only all games let you break things as beautifully as Zelda.

A Breath of the Wild clip has been floating around the internet lately, highlighting one simple instance that illustrates why people love the game so much. We've spoken plenty about why it's one of the best games this generation, but this clip might do a better job than words

The clip reminds me of the Breath of the Wild GDC talk in 2017, where the developers reasoned why the physics had to be fun, rather than wholly realistic. Designing around a more malleable world not only reduced the development stress on the team, but it also allowed for players to enact on really clever solutions.

Like starting a fire and using the smoke the fire creates to launch into the air with a glider ... so you can shoot an enemy up above. Or combining the magnetism rune with a broadsword during a storm, and then hovering it near enemies until lightning strikes them all.

Or turning a surprisingly difficult encounter into a massive laugh by launching the enemy across the map with a rock and some neat timing.

Breath of the Wild is the best.


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