18 Years Later, We've Got The Perfect Halo Action Figure

There have been a lot of Halo figures over the years, but this new one by 1000toys is easily my favourite. Based on Master Chief’s original Halo 1 design, but also tweaked by Japanese mech designer Izmojuki, it’s 1/12 scale and costs... $185.

That’s a lot for a figure, but then, it’s a very nice figure. Aside from Chief himself, it also includes a bunch of accessories, like five different sets of hands, an energy sword, two pistols and an assault rifle.

I just love how matte he is, how perfectly-formed all the joints are, how posable he is without sacrificing his looks. He’s also just the first in a whole line 1000toys are releasing based on Halo, so hopefully there’s some guys and gals from Reach coming up soon as well.

No word on a release date, but the “2020" in the copyright on the images below is a very good clue.


    Looks pretty great, but unless it comes with a fully functioning version of cortana, $185 is a bit steep for me.

    $185 for a 1/12? Hard pass.

      I've heard quite a few toy makers talk about the difficulty of making and selling 1/12 because people expect them to be much cheaper than 1/6 but they essentially amount to the same amount of time and effort to make. If not harder considering the difficulty of making something small and super detailed and not snap after playing with it for 10 minutes.

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