2D Cafe Looks Like A Manga Drawing

Photo: 2_dcafe

Last month, a monochrome cafe opened in Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo neighbourhood. Called the 2D Cafe, it looks like a manga drawing brought to life.

A 2D Cafe opened in South Korea a few years back, quickly becoming a popular spot to grab snacks and take Instagram photos. This latest 2D cafe in Tokyo is not connected to that original cafe. 

Since all the decor in the cafe is flat and colourless, cute desserts and drinks really stand out. Ditto for the customers.

It reminds me of the “Take on Me” video. 


    My first thought was "Why the hell would they open it in Shin-Okubo?" It's the Korean ghetto in the untrendy part of Shinjuku.
    But if it's a franchise of one that's already famous in South Korea they'd be nuts not to open it there.

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