A Cricket Game For People Who Hate Cricket

A Cricket Game For People Who Hate Cricket
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Imagine a game about cricket that’s designed for everyone who doesn’t like cricket. That’s kind of what Cricket Through The Ages is going for.

It’s one of the mobile exclusives for Apple Arcade, and it’s basically a physics game that uses the mechanics of cricket — step forward, swing bat, bowl ball — for laughs. Developers Free Lives (Gorn, Genital Jousting) demoed the game last year at the Fantastic Arcade show, and it was already funny as hell then.

You start with a caveman learning to bowl a ball at a rampaging T-Rex, before going into a quick two-player match with cavemen. The game then goes through the “history” of cricket — a bunch of knights swinging swords at each other, ninjas, cavemen learning to swing — before actual cricketers appear.

Of course, the game has absolutely nothing to do with actual cricket. It’s something that you fire up and play when drinking with friends, as you’ll see below.

Cricket Through The Ages came to life in an eight-hour game jam, but it wasn’t until another eight hour jam that the historical concept came together. There’s no mention of when the game might come to Android or other platforms, but Devolver has confirmed publicly that Exit The Gungeon, another Apple Arcade launch game, is a timed exclusive. So fingers crossed everyone will get this dumb brand of cricket on any platform they choose before too long.


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