Everything You Need To Know About Apple Arcade

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Arcade

While Apple’s September event is heavy on the iPhone content, the company takes the time to announce a slew of other products and services, too.

This year, proceedings were kicked off with Apple Arcade. It’s been teased for awhile now, but now we finally have a launch date and pricing.

The service will be launching with over 100 exclusive games on September 19 in the U.S. which will be September 20 here. New games will also be added every month.

Some of the titles include Frogger In Toy Town, Shinsekai Into the Depths, Sayonara Wild Hearts and a new Sonic The Hedgehog game.

It’s going to cost $US4.99 a month with family access and we have heard that will translate to $7.99 in Australia. We’ll let you know once we have confirmation.

A one month free trial will be available, and users will get perks such as sneak peeks and game guides.

Apple Arcade will be available to play on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Offline play will also be available. It will be launching on the App Store as a new tab.

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