Bee And PuppyCat Are Back In The First Look At Lazy In Space

After years of being off the air, Natasha Allegri’s Bee and PuppyCat is finally coming back to Cartoon Hangover. Going by the first look at the new sequel series Lazy in Space, things have more or less stayed the same since the last time we saw the adorable gig workers.

One of the worst things about living with a child or other sentient being capable of playing games on your cell phone is the very real chance that the person might end up in an app store ready to spend a bunch of your money on video games they want to play.

PuppyCat knows that he and Bee are on a strict budget, but that doesn’t stop him from dropping a few hundred dollars on a special application that’s all about Pretty Patrick. Bee would be well within her rights to let PuppyCat strangle himself, but of course, she reasons that it’d be more sensible to just take on more jobs to make up for the lost cash.

Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space premieres in the U.S. on September 27, with no confirmed Australian release date.


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