Community Review: Borderlands 3

Community Review: Borderlands 3

The thing with bugs is you never quite get a sense of how much your experience deviates from the norm.

Keeping track of the discourse around Borderlands 3 this past few days has been like watching a kid learn to do their first tricks with a yo-yo. At times my social feed (which is totalling a few thousand folks at this stage, plus whatever those people surface of their own) has been aghast at the bugs, completely ruining their experience. Others have hit performance issues, wondered how on earth a game in 2019 could be released with peculiarities like menu lag.

And then others are throwing their hands out, waltzing through the game wondering what the hell everyone else is talking about.

Six Hours In, Borderlands 3 Just Feels Like More Borderlands (And It's Kinda Busted)

Borderlands 3 is almost certainly the game that you think it is. Six hours in, a lot of my feelings remain the same as they were when I first played Borderlands 3 at an extended preview last month. In a lot of ways it’s a time capsule, in some ways embarrassingly retrograde in its sensibilities, and in other ways confident that its central draw of shooting and looting always was and will continue to be enough. Because of how little the franchise has changed, the best way to know if Borderlands 3 is for you is to boot up one of the previous games in the series and see how well it works for you today.

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There’s so many factors that it’s hard to know what the average experience has been like. One common thread I’ve heard from a friend who jumped on board was that the console experience wasn’t quite where it should be with regular frame rate drops on the Xbox One X. It’s anecdotal, so I haven’t seen the situations where the drops happen, but if the drops are frequent enough to the point where someone who isn’t especially worried about that sort of thing notices is.

Story and characters aside is something that’s not worth gauging without personal experience, so I’m be interested to hear from yourselves. Does Borderlands 3 deliver what you were looking for, or were you hoping for more? And how are the shooting and looting mechanics this time around?


  • I’m only a few hours in, but so far in loving it. I’m on a PS4 Pro and have graphics set to performance and so far I haven’t noticed any jarring frame rate drops or lag and bugs are few and far between. The only bug I can think of is one I just ran into where a particular gun image was showing as a shield when I was in the sell menu at a vending machine.

    I came into BL3 expecting (and wanting) more of the Borderlands formula with enhanced gameplay, and that’s what I’ve got so far.

  • Played for a good 15+ hours over the weekend (mix of solo and co-op play) and up to Level 25. I’ve encountered a fair few issues like texture lag, boss fight music not stopping after I’ve left the arena, falling through the world, random party drop-outs and button prompts not appearing but nothing I’ve come across has been particularly game breaking and hopefully can be ironed out in future patches. Have had to restart once (falling through the world).

    Finding the overall feel is quite similar to Borderlands 2 but I’m definitely not complaining as I put a couple hundred hours into that. The new characters and abilities (playing with Zane) are fresh and the missions are lots of fun. My main gripe is that they still haven’t found a way to make the inventories more user friendly and the vending machine layout is a bit of a mess imo. Having lots of fun overall and not taking it too seriously!

  • I basically got to around level 10 with a Moze, heard how good FL4K was from my cousin and restarted last night. No glitches, or performance issues, no regrets.

    Given I was playing BL2 just last week, the graphical and quality of life improvements are wonderful. I had my expectations set to “Borderlands” going in, and it has not disappointed.

  • Currently 20 hours in and I keep wanting to go in for more. My partner and I have noticed the menu lag on multiple occasions especially at the start of our playtime, but its far and few between.

    My only gripe with the loot system is Legendary drops that are very rare but when they do happen, the items given are very low level and not worth it. We are currently on level 28, a legendary dropped for a level 10 shotgun that was incredibly weak. Hopefully an update can fix this but it’s not going to stop us from playing.

    We have been long time fans of the series, so in our eyes in like BL2 with some extras. Looking forward to see what the end game is like and curious as to what the guardian system is like plus interested in Mayhem Mode.

  • I’ve had two main issues crop up so far, one where the game froze and turned my xbox one x off completely (minor scare, that one) and the other had my co-op partner drop out of the game randomly.

    I’ve noticed a few minor issues beyond that, the boss music continually playing was a laugh, but to be honest none of those problems have dampened the enjoyment of the game. I went in knowing I wanted more Borderlands, that every game at launch has issues big and small, so the results are on par with what I expected.

    Beyond that, I never get tired of playing the Gunner and mowing people down in her mech. Explosions aplenty.

  • Sat down on Friday night with a buddy to hammer some couch co-op on a PS4 Pro. It was basically unplayable, with huge amounts of lag and illegible menu systems when in split screen. We both belly laughed when the first text caption came on screen due to the size of the thing. We gave up after about an hour and played one player passing the pad between us.

    As a web developer I don’t understand how game devs don’t test stuff like text legibility and make menus responsive. Y’know, in the way that every website has been for the past 5 years. It’s all well and good having stuff look pretty. but if you can’t read it, it’s pointless.

  • I’ve been playing on Xbox One X and am up to level 14 now.

    Gameplay wise I haven’t had to many issues with the setting on performance over quality.

    Where I have noticed stuttering is in the menus and shop. It isn’t as smooth as you would hope.

    Also I feel like the UI for inventory and shops has actually taken a step back from all the previous Borderlands games.

    I’m finding the gear score a bit weird, and not quite trusting it too much.
    Sometimes it seems to weight level or some other qualities to high, but that could just be different to how I value weapons.

    The elemental weapons where you need a bit of a warm up period are taking a bit of getting used to, but then I am playing a melee Amara so not really shooting that much anyway =)

    Otherwise I have been quite enjoying it, as it is more Borderlands goodness.

  • Playing on PC and I’m about lvl 20 and overall really enjoying it so far.

    My only issues are the pc performance is pretty average. I have a decent rig and getting a lot of frame rate issues.

    Also the constant never ending attempts at humour really got really annoying really quick.

  • Playing on PC with good specs and personally am very satisfied with the performance offered here. Tonight I am running everything high (textures and a few other things at ultra) in 3840×2160 res and keeping a constant 60fps.. pretty solid and rare for such a fresh game to achieve these levels of performance

  • Played 20 hours on PC in co-op with my wife so far. We’ve had pretty much zero issues. There were a few menu glitches that were fixed by closing and returning the menu but that’s it.

    Performance issues seem to come from NVIDIA cards. We are both running ATI cards with fairly modest PCs and we’re running 1920×1080 on Ultra and it’s great.

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