A Modern Warfare Game Option Is PS4 Exclusive Until October 2020

The practice of platform holders securing console exclusives took a new and weird turn yesterday, when Sony and Activision announced that Modern Warfare’s Survival Mode — a mode within a mode, as it’s part of Spec Ops — is appearing exclusively on the PS4 until October 1, 2020.

Spec Ops, first introduced in the original Modern Warfare 2, is a series of short scripted missions that can either be played solo or co-op. They’ve been missing from the last few Call of Duty games, so their return here has been seen as a welcome move by long-time series fans.

A screenshot from the game’s PS4 story trailer, released yesterday.

That excitement from PC and Xbox users will be a little tempered by yesterday’s announcement though. While the core Spec Ops experience will be appearing on all platforms, Survival Mode—basically a Horde mode for Call of Duty, available as an option within Spec Ops—won’t be turning up outside a PS4 until October 2020, which conveniently is right around the time the next Call of Duty game will be due.

This isn’t the first time Sony has secured an exclusivity deal for Call of Duty content, but those have previously been for a matter of days. To lock something down for almost an entire year (the game is due out on October 25) is a little more drastic.

You can see the exclusive announced twice in the video below, once at the beginning in small print, and again near the end.


    Exclusivity for essentially the entire games lifecycle since COD games only last a year.

    This means PC and Xbox versions are cheaper right? Because they're not a complete game for a year?

      I get what your saying but in their eyes your not paying for less, Sonys paying for more.

      Either way it's still a shitty move when Xbox and Sony do this, even when it's not a full exclusive.

    This isn’t the first time Sony has secured an exclusivity deal for Call of Duty content, but those have previously been for a matter of days. To lock something down for almost an entire year (the game is due out on October 25) is a little more drastic.

    Could this be some kind of knock-on effect from Bungie splitting from Activision? Didn't Sony have a deal for timed exclusivity of Destiny 2 DLC? Which, presumably, would have been scuttled by Bungie leaving and taking Destiny 2 with them. Maybe this COD deal is Activision compensating Sony for the loss of the Destiny 2 DLC arrangement?

      Did Bungie drop the timed exclusive?

      I would think it's just Activision being Activision.

    This will go down well. Spec-Ops IMO was the best part Modern Warfare 2, in fact it's been my favourite part of any CoD game to date, I've been seriusly disappointed it never made a return.

      Fortunately for you it seems you have misunderstood (or not read) the article.
      Normal Spec-Ops is available for all immediately. The survivial/horde mode from MW3 is also coming back but is the 1 year PS4 exclusive.

        I did, I somehow managed to read that completely arse backwards. Thanks for the clarification.

    Going off their rocker on the subreddit. Lost a lot of the goodwill from the just finished Beta which was great.
    As this has been billed as the first cross play COD I think this is sending the wrong message and that is coming from a PS4 gamer. I think we should be past splitting the player base up between platforms, season passes, and console only exclusives.


    Activision just flushed all that goodwill down the toilet.

      Astonishing isn't it? It's like they actively try to see how they can best f*ck things up.

        Their main shareholder and CEO Bobby 'the monopoly' Kotick damn well makes sure of that!

    I don't get people's fake morality over these things.
    The things we are talking about are video games. This good will we speak of and outrage we demonstrate has to be fictional. Yes there is an exclusivity deal for one option of one game mode. This isn't killing anyone, this isn't ripping anyone off, this isn't hurting anyone. Simply put if you have a certain console, you get exclusive game features. It's one of the perks of having a PlayStation. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If the content is still enjoyable, that is all that matters.
    Same outrage with BO4 and DLC. The game is enjoyable and you can still compete and win games for the most part without DLC weapons. Once it actually effects you to the point that the advantage is that unfair, then yes, outrage.
    Sorry everyone, the state of gaming has me venting and for some reason I'm writing it here. Us consumers have options and choices and we can make more noise with our wallets, than having to collectively hive Mind and agree that something is good or bad. A good ole' sook

      I don't think it's morality so much is it's just shit for people who don't want to buy it on PS4. I've got a PS4, but I'd prefer to buy it on PC and it sounded like it was going to be awesome because I could do that and still play with my friends on PS4. But now if I choose to do that, I'll be getting the game, minus a game mode I'd be really keen to play.
      I agree there's needless moralising when it comes to videogame publishers, dves, whatnot, but I don;t think this is one of those cases.

    Was on the fence about getting this with everything else coming out next month, won't be picking this up now they made the decision easy.

    If it was exclusive for a month it would be fine but a year, the game would be done with in a year.

    Activision better not be porting Call of Duty Modern Warfare to the Nintendo Switch just like what they done for Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

    You think this sucks? wait till you hear about the loot boxes!

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