Even Civilization Has A Battle Royale Mode Now

Image: Civilization 6 (YouTube)

I can't decide if this is incredibly clever, or if every executive should be fired for forcing battle royales into genres where they don't belong. Like Civilization.

It's called Red Death, and it's a battle royale mode that's just been patched into Civilization VI with the latest September update. The mode supports up to 12 people, with each player selecting from a series of apocalyptic-themed factions instead of the usual Civ offerings. Some of those factions include Horribly Scarred Mutants, who take less damage outside the safe zone, or Ethically Challenged Scientists whose units heal faster, and a cultist clan where your units have +3 to sight.

Like a normal battle royale, the safe zone continually shrinks over time. You'll be given a civilian, machine gun and infantry unit to start with, with the ability to pick up tanks, civilians, helicopters and other units by exploring ruined cities on the map. There's none of the usual build/expand/research mechanics from what can be seen, although we'll find out more from today as people start messing around with the game.

Red Death is available now as part of the latest Civilization VI update.


    This actually looks pretty cool

    Just one more turn ....

      Agreed, this actually sounds like a pretty fun game mode.

    I am... conflicted about how interesting this sounds.

      Same here. I guess that means its genius.

      Its a gameplay style that shouldnt fit into a turn based 4X game, so to make it sound even remotely viable has to be a success. And it sounds more than remotely viable. A lot more.

      Too much more. DAMNIT!! Now I want to check it out!

    I mean isnt the base game a battle royale?

    All these countries on one map fighting for survival?

      I get what you mean but its not as we've come to know BR games. No shrinking zone for starters, and the fixed nature of 4X cities goes against BR games as well.

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