Classic Everquest Server Is Going To Party Like It’s 1999-2001

Classic Everquest Server Is Going To Party Like It’s 1999-2001

To celebrate the effort’s 10th anniversary — and, somehow, the 20th anniversary of the release of the original game — some very passionate Everquest fans have revealed ambitious plans that are aimed at letting players go through the game’s release journey (including expansions) all over again.

The team behind Project 1999, already running a server recreating the vanilla Everquest experience, have announced the release next month of Project 1999: Green:

Project 1999 Green is a new PVE server without any patches or expansions enabled upon release. Old-style mechanics and drops will be enabled, including legacy items such as Guise of the Deceiver and Manastone. The server will then progress through all patches on the same timeline as Everquest’s original launch, all the way up to the last patch in Velious.

The server goes live in October 2019, and means in keeping with Everquest’s original timeline, January 2020 will see the release of Plane of Fear, November 2020 Ruins of Kunark, etc, running all the way through to July 2021, when Scars of Velious will be released.

This is such a cool idea I don’t even know where to start. Letting fans play through all this stuff is good as it is, but getting everyone back onboard the hype train, then making them live it out in real time, is something else.


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