Community Review: The Switch Lite

Community Review: The Switch Lite
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For some, the Switch Lite is their first Switch. For others, the Switch Lite a replacement for a Switch that has been co-opted by family (or become a permanent installation in the dock). And some people just really, really love that turquoise and yellow.

The Switch Lite finally dropped last week and, on the hardware alone, it’s a lot nicer in the handy. The plastic’s more colourful, it’s a little thicker, the unit feels a little sturdier — and there’s no issues with removable JoyCons. Of course, that means you lose a ton of functionality in the process, and one of the Switch’s biggest issues is set to become even more pronounced on the Switch.

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That’s partially why I’m hesitant to grab a Switch Lite, as much as I love the adorable colours. I don’t mind not having removable JoyCons, but not having TV out is a huge killer. Nintendo could have made a ton of sales if they just kept selling the dock separately, because then they would have made a premium for those who wanted a new Switch. Engineering might have been a problem though: a teardown of the Switch Lite found it lacks the internal circuitry to export a signal to a TV, although I’m sure someone will rig up a solution of their own before too long.

But for those who grabbed a Switch Lite, are you happy with the purchase? How have you found it compared to an original Switch, if you own it? And what games have you found play perfectly well on the console, and what ones are suffering from that lack of extra screen space?


  • I grabbed 2 in the EBay sale for my sister and a friend. I have a Switch so I couldn’t justify the purchase for myself…

    But I’ll be damned if those colour options aren’t sexy af.

    Shame that the normal switch is still boring black… Nintendo needs to get on board the colour train.

    Also release a Swith Pro already. Bigger Screen + Pro Controller Sides + More power to improve the current line up. Thanks Nintendo! : D

  • I’m curious to see if the lite affects global strategy for Nintendo moving forward. Games like Mario Party are incompatible with the lite, as will the upcoming Ring Fit. Will we start to see games that require separate Joy Cons/HD Rumble disappear? I really hope not

    • With no TV out, those games don’t really work anyway. Don’t think it’ll change their strategy much at all, and might even act as an incentive for people to buy a second switch to dock.

  • It still baffles me that they made a handheld that could connect with your TV because that’s what everyone wanted and then they released a handheld only version of the handheld and stripped out a main selling point…

    I get people like smaller sizes but surely in this day and age where you can stream your mobile phone to a TV and connect a bluetooth controller like a Gamevice you can have a slightly smaller Switch that streams to a dock…

    • It’s Nintendo, they never complicate their own devices, otherwise the lite would negate the standard Switch’s existence which wasn’t its point. Sadly. I mean, I play handheld all the time, so I prefer that style and the Lite feels good to hold. If they went this way and included all the standard features in a pro, I’m all in. Again :p

  • I like it, but that $220 special on eBay or Amazon needs to be the actual RRP on these, considering how murdered of features they are.

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