Control Modders Find Hidden Game Mode, DLC Mission

If you’re determined enough to get messy with code, Control has a ton of cool features lying around. One of those appears to be a wave-style challenge mode called “Expeditions”.

The mode was discovered by the same breed of hackers and fans responsible for finding cut content and debug modes in Sekiro, Bloodborne and Dark Souls, who have lately been digging into Control.

Players are required to pay “jukebox tokens” to enter the expeditions, which are broken into easy, moderate and “Difficuly” (obviously difficult) modes with better reward tiers. The mode was found by Angelic Demon, who posted their findings on a private Discord server and granted their permission to have them reshared on Kotaku Australia.

It’s not known what the actual expeditions look like, because the game crashes trying to a new map whenever you go to start the expedition. (The modder made a tweak that allowed them to start the modes without having to pay jukebox tokens.)

It’s not the only fun thing left around in Control though. Lance McDonald, the Aussie Black Annex developer who’s lately made a name for himself finding all sorts of content in Bloodborne and Dark Souls, used his talents to unlock the developer menus and free camera in Control.

The obvious use for this is the free camera, but there’s so much more that McDonald found. Remedy also left in a bunch of rendering modes, including a supremely cool wireframe mode:

What’s neat about this is McDonald was able to use the mode — after making a quick patch that allowed him to toggle the mode at the press of a button — to confirm how Control increases and decreases the level of detail in player models depending on how far away the camera is.

There’s a ton more covered in McDonald’s latest video, including a reference in a developer version of the main menu to a DLC mission. You can view all of that below.


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