Here’s Control’s New Game Mode And The Next Expansions

Here’s Control’s New Game Mode And The Next Expansions

Ready to head into the Upside Down-esque world of The Oldest House again? Remedy Entertainment overnight lifted the lid on the future of Control, officially unveiling the Expeditions mode discovered by Aussie hackers, as well as the two major expansions due out in 2020.

The developers acknowledged the work that modders like Lance McDonald had done in the official blog post, saying that they were working on an official “Photo Mode”. “While some crafty PC players ‘unlocked’ their own versions of this already, we are working on a much-desired Photo Mode, which will enable you to take some awesome snapshots of Jesse in the Oldest House,” Remedy wrote.

Control Modders Find Hidden Game Mode, DLC Mission

If you're determined enough to get messy with code, Control has a ton of cool features lying around. One of those appears to be a wave-style challenge mode called "Expeditions".

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The Expeditions mode, which was discovered by modders earlier this month, will be officially released in December. “This will be a challenging new end-game mode in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings,” Remedy said.

An official roadmap shows that Expeditions will be the only major content update for 2019 before The Foundation, the first paid expansion in “early 2020” that will have new mechanics, enemies and story missions.

AWE is aiming for a mid-2020 launch. It’ll take place in a new part of the Bureau called the Investigations Sector, where the Bureau looks at Altered World Events. Which, knowing Remedy, will probably include Alan Wake (since the events of the game are listed as an official Altered World Event in the game’s lore).

Image: Remedy Entertainment

Control was one of the better games I’ve played this year, so it’ll be fun to check back in with it when there’s some new powers and enemy types to account for. Some of the filters found by McDonald should also be manna from heaven for screenshotters when the official photo mode is fully released, too. I wonder if Dead End Thrills has done a Control gallery yet…

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