Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting Multiplayer

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting Multiplayer
Image: CD Projekt Red

It won’t be happening at launch, but everyone who speculated about a joint cyberpunk future, pat yourselves on the back.

CD Projekt Red late Wednesday Australian time confirmed that while their cyberpunk RPG would ship as a singleplayer story when it launches in April 2020, that isn’t all the story has. After the single-player DLC content is released — some free, some not judging by the company’s wording — the Polish-based studio would look at adding multiplayer into the mix:

Don’t expect multiplayer for a long-time, mind you. The link in the tweet goes to the CD Projekt Red careers page, which contains listing for multiple multiplayer-focused roles:

But hey — at least we know its coming. It’s not like Cyberpunk 2077 will have an absence of replayability when it launches.

Cyberpunk 2077 is due out on April 16, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Ugh, I don’t think it’s going to be shoehorned in but does it really need multi-player the game looks like it will be more than enough without it.

      • While adding PTW micro transactions in the form of loot boxes to Mass Effect for multiplayer. While it was fun, you can’t really divorce the two.

    • ” does it really need multi-player” it does if ill even think of looking at it, playing vs npc…soo challaging…said the baby that was just born.

      • It’s supposed to be a narrative driven, open world RPG so any multi-player is kind of irrelevant to the main game, kind of like how Mass Effects multi-player was.

  • Wow, two pieces of bad news, multiplayer and obviously paid dlc/expansions.
    I have seen no physical collectors PC versions (like Witcher 3) available and now it’s a case of putting multiplayer into a game which seems to be fully single player, and no why I’d want multiplayer in a game of this type.

      • Got mine on Xbox One, it was the last collectors edition left as well and it was the day after it was revealed there was going to be one.

        You have to be super quick when it comes to these, when I got my Destiny collectors edition it was sold out in 5 stores JB and EB the same day it was revealed at E3.

        Got one online from JB within 2 hours it was sold out online as well.

        • I miss the days when JB was just starting out in games retail, my local store would often give me a collectors edition for the cost of standard version because nobody was buying em yet.
          When Resident Evil 5 came out I got the Chis figure and then somebody went out back and grabbed me a Sheva for free.

        • do you normally get CE? I never really found them to be worth it though I must admit the Cyberpunk one does look pretty cool haha

          • Yeah when the CE looks decent enough to display on the bookshelf I will get one, I like the look of gaming/Sci fy stuff, too me it’s decorative.

            I kind of look at it like how my grandmother’s house use to look with porcelain figurines, decorative plates, Darcy Doyle paintings and different things made out of crystal.

    • Witcher 3 had some of the best DLC / Expansions of all time. The value you got for a $20 pack was INCREDIBLE – Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine were excellent!

    • Wow, two pieces of bad news, multiplayer and obviously paid dlc/expansions.

      Witcher 3’s paid expansions are some of the Best DLC for a game ever made.

  • For those being negative about multiplayer, remember that people said the same thing about GTA Online, and it was what drove the game to being just the third game to sell 100 million copies. Others being Minecraft and Tetris.

    It seems they see Cyberpunk as a franchise on par with GTA, so see a multiplayer option as a valid choice. I think they said its the main thing they wished they hadnt missed with Witcher 3 as well. I for one look forward to seeing what they do with it. The game world they are building looks so rich and deep that it would be a waste to just be the story and no more.

    If its a small group online option, its a step towards that, if its a full online option even better. Apart from that, its a feature thats a) free, and b) something you can ignore. Why be negative about a free feature you dont have to play?

    • I think the negativity is some games that are desogned to be multi are terrible solo. I’m not going near the latest wolfenstien. Even though multi games sell well, there are still lots wanting a great solo campaign. Look how well god of war sold. So adding it after should suffice. It means it will still be a solid SP game.

      • Fair point. I dont think thats the case here. CDPR have a very solid track record, peaking (so far) with Witcher 3. Its why they are trying Cyberpunk 2077, its a different genre but has a similar level of lore to the Witcher books. Maybe even more. Witcher 3 was on a level equal to some of the best games ever made, capable of expanding into multiplayer. Something they wished they’d done.

        Witcher 3 was a world so deep that it could translate to multiplayer very easily. There was easily enough in it to become an MMO, it really just needed raids. To see them consider approaching that is a positive. They understand how deep their games are, and how well that depth translates to online play.

        GTA 5 did it, RDR2 is trying it (maybe the jury is still out there, but its not bad), and Witcher 3 was on the same level as their predecessors, if not above. Its logical to move in the same way. Not to talk down to Wolfenstein, but they arent comparable. Its a shooter, not an RPG.

  • I just hope cp77 has decent mod support, while I don’t intend to play in 3rd person I think I’d like the cinematic to have the option, and think 3rd person for all would be a nice little addition via modders. We’ll see I guess.

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