European Guild Blazes Through WoW Classic’s First 2 Raids In 6 Days

European Guild Blazes Through WoW Classic’s First 2 Raids In 6 Days

After World of Warcraft first launched on November 23, 2004, it took players 69 days to defeat the endgame raid boss Onyxia. The ten bosses of the Molten Core raid weren’t completely conquered until April 25, 2005. It only took European guild APES six days to accomplish both feats in the newly-launched World of Warcraft Classic.

APES did not have the world’s first level-60 character in Classic. That milestone was reached by gnome mage Jokered on August 31. But the European powerhouse did manage to assemble a full raid group in time to take down the game’s first two 40-man raids on September 2.

I consider getting a team of 40 characters of raiding level together to be APES’ finest achievement. Taking down Onyxia and Molten Core takes some doing, but players have had a decade and a half of practice. It’s not like back in 2005, when everyone was figuring out mechanics and strategies for all of the boss fights while simultaneously learning how to work efficiently together. The main obstacle this time around was getting there, and APES got there first.

Meanwhile, I’m taking my time in WoW Classic nice and slow. I’ve set up shop as a human mage named Grann on the role-playing player-versus-player server of Deviate Delight. Seven days since launch, I am only level 21, with no plans to go on a levelling binge any time soon. I played during launch, so I know what to expect at level 60 and am in no rush.

Image Guild-less and proud.

I’m enjoying wandering around Westfall, randomly chatting in-character with other players. I’ve taken to sitting on the fountain in the middle of Moonbrook, telling people who pass by that the statue atop it is of my character’s father. I tell them the nearby dungeon, the Deadmines, was named after him, and originally called the Dadmines. It’s not a very good joke, but it makes me happy.

Congratulations to the players who rushed through to the end. Hopefully now they can take some time to relax and enjoy World of Warcraft Classic’s blossoming community, its biggest achievement so far.


  • if you watched their stream, they had multiple people sub 60 and stacked about 10+ healers

    so technically they didn’t get everyone raid ready, they just got all eligible players to slam MC until the bosses fell over.

    still an achievement i suppose lol

    • If that’s the case, I’m kind of surprised they didn’t get screwed by enrage timers. I wouldn’t have expected the DPS to be up to scratch with a healer-heavy group full of sub-60s in poor gear.

      I didn’t watch the video though so maybe I’m assuming they had an easier time than they actually did?

      … or maybe we all just sucked back in 2004-2006?

        • And now I’m confused, because I distinctly remember wiping at least a couple of times because of an “enrage” … but google says you’re right.

          Seems I might be thinking of Garr, whose adds apparently become enraged when you pull them too far away from him. Time has warped my memory 🙁

          • You might also be thinking of Magmadar, who enraged as a fight mechanic that required tranq shot to remove, or he’d smash the fuck out of the party. Stormo’s right that Molten Core predated the typical ‘enrage timer’ mechanic that appears in later raids, though MC has other checks, like Baron Geddon (resist check) that still makes for a raid challenge even with a healer-heavy comp.

            The more relevant factor to why this content is being cleared quickly is the fights are all extremely well understood already. Nobody has to figure out best strategy, or optimal resist vs stat tradeoff, or comp; it’s all been done already. Likewise, nobody’s still figuring out the maths behind WoW’s combat mechanics, or how the single roll attack table works, or where the stat and spell breakpoints are. Speaking from experience (I was in a world top 100 guild in vanilla, prot warrior MT represent), figuring that stuff out took a lot of time, a trial and error process classic guilds are able to completely skip.

          • Probably also doesn’t hurt that this sort of thing has been available to practice via less official means…

      • yea as stormo said, the MC bosses (as well as Ony) had no enrage timers

        I don’t think even BWL had it, except for Vael with the 3 minute debuff. there are “tranq” fights but you can brute force through it if you didn’t have a hunter

        • Broodlord Lashlayer had a soft enrage too, from memory. We didn’t spend much time in Blackwing Lair because Zul Gurub released two months later and it had a nature resist focus so there was no real reason to chase MC/BWL fire resist any more.

  • I wonder if they leveled their guild in the same way that Blizzard has now patched out. A fair few of those that are max level have done so in exploitative ways (layer abusing, raid exp bug).

    If Blizz had the balls they did back in Vanilla, all those characters would be rolled back to level 40 or less.

  • Knowing is half the battle, rest is boss mods 😛 Back in the day we didnt have data mining or knowledge of what a raid was, eveb things like raid balance and how to pull trash was a new thing.

    • Vanilla raids are mechanically super simple. These guys have downed rag hundreds of times. Deadly boss mods wouldn’t make a difference to whether they kill it or not.

      • Yep. My first MC experience was without DBM or the other boss mod that was popular at the time that I forgot the name of.

        Bosses don’t start getting complex until BWL, where a lot of them play funny buggers with threat mechanics.

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