Every Game Needs A Studio Trigger Anime Opening

Today Skullgirls studio Lab Zero Games debuted the animated opening to Indivisible, the eagerly anticipated action role-playing game. I thought I could not get more excited about this game. I was wrong. Flashy animated intros from Studio Trigger, the folks behind Kill La Kill, have that effect. Every game should have one.

Founded by former Gainax employees in 2011, Studio Trigger has mastered the art of balancing motion and emotion. When characters in their animation are angry, they move angry. When they are filled with joy, so are their movements. Their work never fails to get me excited about whatever it’s attached to. Case in point, the Indivisible intro.

It’s so good. I want to join Ajna and her party. I want to kick those little ball-teeth creatures in the face. Who are all those people towards the end? I want to meet them.

The Indivisible intro runs two minutes and 20 seconds, which is plenty of time for any animator to get the crowd going. What can Studio Trigger do with 30 seconds?

That’s the opening for Shantae and the Seven Sirens, the fifth game in Wayforward’s long-running action platformer series. It’s frantic and catchy, gives all the characters a little screen time, and then sends us packing to Apple Arcade, where the first chapter of the game is now available to play.

From short and sweet intros to original works like Promare, the studio’s first full-length feature, Trigger hasn’t failed to dazzle me yet. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I wouldn’t mind every single game I play ever again opening with some Studio Trigger animation. Pokemon. Call of Duty. Tetris. All of them.

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