Everything You Need To Know About Destiny’s Story Before Shadowkeep Launches

Everything You Need To Know About Destiny’s Story Before Shadowkeep Launches

Remember how Destiny hid a lot of its lore in the Grimoire Cards and people kept joking about the game not having a story? Well, the series has built up so much lore that you’ll need a lunch break — or three — to catch up on it all.

Like they did for the launch of the original Destiny game, expansions, the release of Destiny 2 and all of the DLC that’s shipped since then, YouTuber My name is Byf has created a video outlining the entire chronology of Destiny‘s story.

That’s not just Destiny 2. It’s the very beginnings of the game, right through the Books of Sorrow through to the Awoken’s creation, the Dark and City ages before Destiny 1 even begins, and then all the way through every expansion up until the release of Forsaken and the latest annual pass.

Be warned: you probably won’t finish this video in one sitting. There’s just over two hours of story before you even get to Destiny 1, and the whole video covers the tripling of human life spans, the existence of engrams, why the Speaker banished Osiris, and everything you could possibly want to know about Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken and all the tidbits from the annual pass.

The whole thing is a fantastic reminder of just how much is actually underpinning all of those raids, tidbits and cutscenes that gets ignored or overlooked while you’re working through Destiny 2‘s gameplay loop. It’s a nice way to get yourself pumped for Shadowkeep‘s launch later this week, especially if you skipped Destiny 2 and have been eyeing off the free-to-play version. There’s certainly a ton of environments and raids to work through if you haven’t played since launch.


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