Get Pillars Of Eternity, Tyranny And More For $6 In The Humble RPG Bundle

Get Pillars Of Eternity, Tyranny And More For $6 In The Humble RPG Bundle

Pillars of Eternity is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it just last month, and now, you can too, with the latest RPG-themed Humble Bundle. Also, it’ll only cost you 6 bucks. Bargain!

The Humble RPG Bundle is a celebration of all things adventure-worthy, and it’ll take you on a journey through space, deep forests, mountain caves, desolate battlefields and the unruly world of Pandora.

On the $1.49 tier, we have:

Get Pillars Of Eternity, Tyranny And More For $6 In The Humble RPG Bundle
  • HIVESWAP: Act 1 ⁠— A Homestuck RPG adventure featuring monsters, aliens and dimensional travel.
  • Deep Sky Derelicts — A dystopian turm-based roguelite following the adventures of a space-faring outcast.
  • Immortal Planet — An action RPG where strategic combat and space gods combine.

On the $6.09 tier, you’ll get all of the above, as well as:

Get Pillars Of Eternity, Tyranny And More For $6 In The Humble RPG Bundle
  • Tyranny — A choice-driven Obsidian RPG where the player must bring order to a lawless world devastated by war.
  • Pillars of Eternity — Another fantastic choice-driven Obsidian RPG where players lead their band of adventurers on an epic tale filled with magic, monsters and mysteries. It’s great!
  • Cat Quest — An adorable-looking RPG where protagonist Felingard must traverse a dangerous Overworld to protect the ones he loves.

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And finally, the big daddy tier. For $22.34, you can unlock all of the titles on this list, as well as Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced.


This version of Borderlands (which I’m sure needs no introduction) includes upscaled 4K graphics as well as all the DLC, new weapons, loot and character skins.

Good stuff from Humble this month! All of these games come highly recommended, so hop to it, folks. (Please play Pillars of Eternity, it is so good.)


    • Thanks for the link. Pity they’re Steam keys. If they were GOG I’d be interested. Although both Pillars and Tyranny are bad with having multiple editions and I’m waiting for the kitchen sink versions of each on sale.

  • Tyranny, though…
    my goodness, I love that game. I’m pretty sure if you haven’t played it, you’re doing life wrong. I pity you, I pity your family, and I pity the horse you rode in on.
    For shame.

  • Yeah, thanks for that. I pledged $65, USD, for that game, during their Kickstarter campaign. And now I can pick it up for $6 AUS? Geez.

    Mind you, I did get a nice physical box out of it. Plus two copies of the game (digital and physical). Plus an actual printed manual. And a slew of digital downloads, including a “making of” documentary.

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