Half An Hour From The Outer Worlds

Half An Hour From The Outer Worlds

Yesterday I had my full thoughts on The Outer Worlds, but there’s one extra bit I wanted to share.

As part of the session we were allowed to capture all gameplay from the second save onwards (nothing from the opening, basically). I’d recorded the gameplay and meant to upload, but was battling a fever while I was putting it all together, so I didn’t get the chance to include it with my fuller preview.

So here’s just over half an hour from that session. You’ll see pretty much all of the mission I described in motion, as well as the gunplay, traversal, perk system, skills, different weaponry, and the AI (which isn’t great).

The Outer Worlds Does Everything I Wanted

While some things never change, it's nice to walk away from a game and think, "That was exactly what I was after."

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  • So can you turn off your character vocalising everytime they jump? it would get rather annoying.

    At the start of the video it was prevalent but at the end nothing.

  • +1. Makes you wonder whether the devs even heard it, or just got used to it. Same thing with BL3 at the moment – the post-sprint gasping and grunting is just … weird.

  • Aside from the things noted above, I’m a bit worried about the texture quality and braindead AI. I know it’s an Obsidian RPG and they get a bit of a pass, but the part where the raider was getting shot at point blank range in his back and didn’t react was pretty bad.

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