Here’s 15 Minutes From Gears 5’s Second Act

Want the best indication of where Gears 5 is headed before the embargo lifts? Microsoft has just uploaded a pretty spoilery chunk of footage from the game’s second act, which should be enough to let you know if this is your jam or not.

The footage starts from relatively early on in the second act and features Kait, who tries to enlist the assistance of her uncle. Everything that immediately follows basically gives you an indication of the major story beats from the first act, although some of this you’ll have already seen (or gotten an indication of) from earlier Gears footage.

What the 15 minutes of gameplay is worth watching for is the narrative around Kait and what happens to her. The footage also shows off some of the abilities with your robotic companion.

The embargo for Gears 5 officially launches late tonight for reviews and streams. We’ll have plenty of coverage from myself and the US then and throughout the week.


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