Here's Some Ray-Traced 2v2 Modern Warfare For Your Evening

I still miss the days when Modern Warfare was the biggest thing at LANs on PC. The Modern Warfare reboot won't restore the PC as the primary Call of Duty platform, but all the latest footage gives me a little hope that it'll be much better PC port this time around.

YouTubers Stodeh and Siegismund have provided some footage for the official Nvidia GeForce channel this afternoon, showcasing the game's 2v2 Gunfight multiplayer mode with the ray tracing in full swing. Apart from the revolver looking like some absolute hot garbage, the game looks really smooth. The gun sounds are nice and meaty, the UI is really well done, and even the little trail effects on the grenade throw are nice.

The PC beta for Modern Warfare will be available through from September 19 for those who pre-order, and from September 21 afterwards. The beta will be publicly available on the PS4 this Saturday, while those who've pre-ordered can play the beta now. (But don't pre-order.)


    Digital Foundry did an analysis of this a few weeks back & it was pretty underwhelming. The campaign would've been a better display for Ray-Tracing rather than this.

    Apart from the revolver looking like some absolute hot garbage

    That's not a revolver, it's a Desert Eagle ... which is essentially an oversized pistol. It looks pretty much as it should:

    Ray Tracing is the thing that's 'hot garbage' ... over priced graphics cards for a visual quality that's nowhere near worth the performance impact. One day the technology will mean something, but right now it's the new gimmick for people to part with their money.

    But then again every PC component has to have RGB lighting on it because people develop obsessions over the most inane things (mostly based on looks) ... so, go figure.

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