Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Link’s Awakening In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Link’s Awakening In Australia
Image: Nintendo

September 20 is going down as a big day in game release history because both Untitled Goose Game and Link’s Awakening are coming out on the same day. While it’s going to be tough call to say which game will truly reign supreme, Link’s Awakening has already got some rave first impressions. Say goodbye to your free time.

I Remember Every Single Detail Of The First Thirty Minutes Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Everything that anyone has ever liked about a Zelda game happens in its most perfect form in the first 30-minute setpiece of the 1993 Game Boy masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, a beautiful screen-for-screen remake of which is coming out next month on Nintendo Switch. Listen to me go into extreme detail about the brilliant design of every screen layout in this hour-long video.

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But we’re not here to tell you how to spend your money, we just want to provide a humble service to help you get the best deal. Here’s a list of who’s selling Link’s Awakening and how much it’ll yoink out of your wallet:

Brick and mortar stores

Online stores


      • Currently have a baby on my lap, phone in one hand and switch controller in the other. I will find a way to play games!

        • I don’t… understand? Baby… lap… controller? How do these things combine? I cannot have a baby on my lap and a mundane piece of paper in my hand without the baby reaching out for it and either grabbing it and scrunching it or losing balance and almost falling off my lap haha, Can’t imagine how it’d be with a shiny controller with lots of interesting buttons.

          • Ah haha. Yeeep. They are little senseless blobs the first month or so. We were so busy being SO worried about his every breath sounding a bit too raspy or the colour of his cheeks or whatever that we didn’t know to take much advantage of the fact that the tiny newborn simply allowed himself to be carried wherever and dozed quietly at least whenever he was not hungry, hot or with a wet nappy. After that, they demand constant attention and entertainment and don’t sleep nearly as much.

      • The trick you see, is to get your kids to be excited for the games!
        My daughter very seriously took my head in her hands and stared me in the eyes to tell me that she saw a poster for the new Zelda game and we should get it.

        Parenting success!

  • If you have NSO and don’t mind going digital, the voucher program works out slightly cheaper than any of these physical copies, which is surely a first.

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