I Fed Kotaku Australia Comments Into A Neural Network

What could possibly go wrong?

Earlier this year, the researchers behind OpenAI freaked people out when they announced that their GPT-2 language model, which forms logical, readable paragraphs through machine learning, was so good that it would be genuinely dangerous to release in its current state.

That was in February. Since then, OpenAI has released smaller versions of GPT-2 that aren’t as coherent but “still produce interesting results”, according to machine learning engineer Adam King. You generally need some skill with machine learning to get any use out of ML models, but King took the largest released OpenAI model, and built it into a site so people could muck around with it.

What’s fun about this is that GPT-2 wasn’t actually designed to produce coherent blocks of text. It was only designed to predict the next word after a particular word — but researchers discovered that it was pretty good at mimicking actual human writing.

So I took the most logical course of action: I dug into the Kotaku Australia backend for comments and force-fed them into Talk to Transformer to see what would happen. Here’s what the AI spat out. (Note that it doesn’t always finish the end of a sentence, so sometimes the predictions end rather abruptly.)

Regarding the World of Warcraft: Classic experience

What they said: All my friends and guild hopped on Arugal – the only Oceanic PVP server on day 1.

What the AI added:

We had to find a way to keep the server alive. I needed to find a reason to keep up the server. The reason was my friends. We got a lot of new players over the year and now we needed more people to stay motivated and help keep it going. I needed to find a game that would work for my friends and a game that would fit our unique gameplay style. Then I found a lot of people that shared my vision and my desire to grow Oceanic PVP a lot further.

I’ve made countless mistakes over the years that I’m able to turn into great friends. I’ve tried to do it right but it just wasn’t working. I got the game where it is now because of my friends and people that supported me through the years. I still need you to help the project.

I still need you if you’re interested in playing with us and wanting to make a difference. If you want to help us by being a forum-member, being a voice on-board, or just being an awesome person, let us

Someone wondering why the Classification Board reviewed Death Stranding

What they said: There had to be a point in reviewing this game they either figured out what the story/gameplay is about to reach a conclusion… or they didnt get past the walking sim to see the real crazy stuff.

What the AI added:

Also a lot of these characters have personalities which are just not there in games like this and they tend to give up the game for a while just to get a break with character development. I get the desire to care about the characters but for the gameplay to continue for another three or four hours of watching the story unfold it seemed silly to care about them.

All in all the game looks amazing and has a lot to offer.

Why someone still buys games at retail

What they said: Yes. New PC games are usually cheaper at JB Hifi than Steam…

What the AI added:

…and the best part is you can be playing the game on a much bigger screen so you can see more of the game and it’s all on an HDMI connection! A good example of this in a game is Halo: Reach. The console version was never developed by 343 Industries and they released a free modded version for PC that is a must have (because it was such a great game!). The PC version was not developed by 343, but the folks at JB Hifi made it so people could play it with the included controller and see it in all its glory!

“As I’ve said many a time, there is a reason why the majority of games for my system are either sold on a CD or are sold as a digital download that allows users to keep what they’ve purchased over a month of play. As we know from the experience with the first-party CD/DVD/Blu-ray distribution, that’s all fine and good, until you start playing on the go. There is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned brick and mortar store, but

Someone talking about what they’re playing that weekend

What they said: My NMS main quest has soft-locked, and I can’t find a way to reset it, so I’ll be starting Control, and continuing with Destiny 2. Maybe go back to NMS in a few months when it’s a bit more stable.

What the AI added:

“That’s pretty much it,” NMS GM and former Destiny player David Thorne said when I asked whether this means the PS3 version won’t come out as the PS4 version launches in Europe and North America.

That means there’s still no date set for the Steam release yet, or what console-specific features they’ll be bringing to the PS4 version of Destiny 2.

Original Story 5/7 9/24

The Destiny 2 beta is now live with a free demo that players can try out at Bungie’s studio in Bellevue, Wash., and the official beta on launch day—August 6—is only available to Destiny players who’re logged into the beta through Bungie.net.

The beta is live across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you’re signed- into

The original story line makes me think the neural network was probably trained on news articles.

Someone who likes what they see with Control

What they said: I thought Control looked pretty good up until this week, now I think it looks like GOTY material.

What the AI added:

His win rate has climbed to 80%, and his hero pools have been balanced around him, including two heroes that are just so good on him. Maybe the new hero pool will help too.”

And while the new hero pool might be an issue, he did mention that he doesn’t think it is an issue at all.

“I think the first draft was a great pick,” he said. “I don’t think it hurt Control in the slightest.”

His Hero Pool Picks Since The Draft:




Nature’s Prophet

Ne Zha



Naga Siren




Shadow Demon

Shadow Fiend





What do you think about the changes to Control and his overall win rate? Do you like the new hero pool

The Avengers, but for MOBAs and Overwatch. Plus a lonely Ultralisk.

Someone retelling a story about Anthem and JB Hi-Fi

What the AI added: I was in a JB Hi-Fi a couple of weeks back and heard a staff member flat out tell a customer not to buy Anthem. The customer was looking at picking up a couple of PS4 games for her kids I guess, and she picked it out because it was cheap, but he convinced her that even at that price it wasn’t worth it.

What the AI added:

No wonder Anthem is so cheap now.

It used to be that my first instinct was to ask where the best deals were on my current console. Now it’s just one of those things my brain has done unconsciously when I’m stressed from a game. After a few days, I’m not just the dumbest, most uneducated individual I know, I’m also the dumbest, most uneducated individual I’ve ever heard of.

This is my first full day with Microsoft’s brand, and I can say with absolute certainty that the Xbox One is the worst piece of hardware ever. The problem isn’t just that it’s broken, Microsoft’s been making promises and promises like every game console on the market these days. If a company can have a console that has a game-playing experience that’s just better than most games


Everyone’s favourite pasttime: dunking on the NBN

What they said: “If you don’t have NBN or decent cable? My condolences.”

My condolences if you have NBN.

What the AI added:

I live in a rural area without cable/HFC. — Alex Wibbitt (@A_Wibbitt) July 18, 2016

“Oh, you’ve got a TV, but where do you watch the football?”, asks the journalist who has nothing better to do.

“I watch the local radio. Have you been living at the LGA?” someone asks the NBN fan.

“If you say yes, you have to go and ask the LGA how long you have been there. Then, we’ll take you back out to the yard and give you an earful.”

“I’ve never been to the LGA.”

You don’t have to pay $50,000 to go into the estate, but your neighbours do. — Alex Wibbitt (@A_Wibbitt) July 18, 2016

People are still complaining it’s a problem. But now they are complaining they can’t find any NBN in Sydney. — Chris O’Donnell (@chrisodonnell) July 18

“Asks the journalist who has nothing better to do.” Ouch.

Someone musing on the changed perception for Steam from 2003 to now

What they said: It is interesting that Steam has somehow transformed from the Evil Empire profit mongering empire, killing off brick and mortar stores and accused of all sorts of semi-legal exploitative practices when it first came out into a shining white night of all sorts of gooey gamer goodness fighting the good fight for gamers everywhere with no interest in profit ever.

What the AI added:

And when it was brought to light that it had a direct link to a company called “Evil Empire,” that it was an in-house development studio for a company called “Killerfish,” which was the first company that came out with an open platform to create console games for those that could not afford a PC, and that it was a “one of a kind” creation that made all other “open platforms” look like second rate games, the industry had to deal with the consequences, and a lot of it.

But the story gets better.

The first game in this franchise, “The Evil Within,” was not one of the games you might think of when you think of ‘open platforms’.

Someone particularly furious at Sony’s approach to updates

What they said: Can I just say how much Sony sucks for updates?

First, if you want it to update without your input, you’ve gotta subscribe for Playstation Plus (wtfone). Second, it will only autoupdate frequently played games, so everytime you want to play something you haven’t played in a while, update time! (wtftwo).

Seriously, fuck you Sony, just update my shit already.

What the AI added:

PS: Oh man, you don’t have to buy the game if you aren’t having fun.


The Final Verdict: If you aren’t an idiot, you’ll like this. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but at least it’s fun. There are games like this out there, but for the first time in ages, I’m happy to say that you can actually find something worth buying for your $60, and most of those don’t come with a DRM, but instead, can’t be purchased until the day you play them.

I did not put the word Advertisement in there.

A comment about Chichi and Dragon Ball Z’s best filler episode

What they said: It’s all about the principle with Chichi. In DB Super, Mr Satan, accosted by a guilty conscience gives Goku all the dough he got from being hailed the saviour of the world. So although they are now essentially millionaires, Chichi still makes him work in the fields to be a good example for Goten.

What the AI added:

But at least now even Goku is able to buy into his new life, even if at the expense of his family’s wealth.

This is a really great example that shows how it’s impossible to put a moral spin on life and how it shouldn’t come at the expense of others – in this instance Goku’s family.

It shows us that when you work hard and are willing to let others down to make your dreams a reality you don’t need to make sacrifices to satisfy ego.

This is also a really nice example of how Goku has changed from the arrogant and rude man back to the humble and kind man now and how Goku is slowly getting a lot better in his new life.

It’s a really good thing that Goku now has someone who he thinks is his equal in an all new, non

Before we finish, it wouldn’t be right to run a test like this without introducing the machine learning model to AI of our own. Long-time Kotaku Australia readers will know of a running joke with one particular commenter on the site, someone who has such a particular style of writing that … they’ve often been likened to a bot of their own.

For a long time, they mostly commented on Nintendo articles. Now, they comment on Nintendo articles, EA, and sometimes the Classification Board. They’ve (or it’s) branched out a lot.

I had to know: what did GPT-2 think of James Thornton?

James disapproving of Dr Disrespect’s behaviour at E3

What they said: Yeah well next time I hope Dr Disrespect doesn’t livestream himself in the bathroom again just like what happened at this year’s E3 I hope he doesn’t film himself in the bathroom at next year’s E3.

What the AI added:

(I swear you are not ready for this.)

It would be best to get a restraining order. I won’t go on a blind date with him, I won’t get a new bike. Not going to see his ass if he can’t handle the responsibility of being an internet meme. If he thinks its going to help his career then I don’t want to tell him that’s wrong. I want our relationship to have been normal for a change. It’s not the first time I met or talked to someone on Facebook that I don’t like.

And not to bring anything up about him being single I have no idea of their relationship status. Because they both have a full profile picture of them and I think it’s pretty obvious it’s just a picture of me holding a dog (which they also have) and I have the photo of my wife. And I’m sure I get some “sister is cheating on her boyfriend with my brother”. What happened in the past I don’t remember, so I

That’s amazing. Let’s try one more.

James talking about the cons of the Nintendo Switch Lite

What they said: There is a catch though the Nintendo Switch Lite will not be compatible to charge up your Nintendo Switch Lite in the Nintendo Switch dock which means you won’t be able to play your Switch games in TV Mode and the system also does not have an IR camera and HD Rumble just like the original Nintendo Switch that came out 2 years ago.

What the AI added:

If anyone finds out how to use the TV Mode, be it for charging Nintendo Switch Lite, playing games with GamePad or just charging, let us know in the comments.

Oh God.

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