Introducing The Witcher 2 In 8K

Introducing The Witcher 2 In 8K
Image: YouTube (Upscale)

The Witcher 2‘s intro sequence is still one of the best intros for a video game ever made. It’s still gorgeous in 720p today, but have you seen it in 8K? Oh my.

The Upscale YouTube account has used the neural network-powered Gigapixel AI to bring the original Witcher 2 intro from 720p to a full 8K. You can watch the video in 8K on YouTube — although you’ll want to turn on hardware acceleration in your browser if you’ve disabled that, which many do for one reason or another.

It looks unreal, and that’s even factoring in the heavy amount of compression that YouTube adds. If you want to view the whole video without the compression, the full 18.8GB file is available here. It’s still absolutely worth watching on YouTube below though, primarily because it’s an excellent intro, and holy shit does it look stunning.

Just as a reminder, here’s the Enhanced Edition trailer for Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360:

And the same trailer but in all its AI-upscaled glory.

Maybe TV manufacturers should use this to promo their 8K TVs. And hell, just imagine what the next generation of trailers will look like when this is what they’re aiming for natively. (I’d totally play an upscaled Witcher 2 too.)


  • The Witcher 2, when played on an Xbox One X has been enhanced and plays at (almost) 4K.

    There is a good Forbes article on it he enhancement (which I can’t seem to find at the moment, sorry).

    • No. The work of a full remaster isn’t something you could just hand over to AI. There’s a ton of corruption and artifacting even with Gigapixel and other ML algorithms and humans need to do a bit of manual retouching to keep everything in check.

      Right now it’s super good for upscaling intros or still images, and some individual textures with assistance, but you couldn’t run it across a whole game.

      However, we will get to a stage where that changes entirely (probably for engines like Unreal and Unity that can build this support directly in, as it’d be harder to retrofit into bespoke engines. That said, EA still has that AI project they’re working on, but who knows if upscaling is part of the featureset they’re targeting)

  • Holy sweet jesus. I have to admit, I spent years wondering what the next actual step up for games would be. I bought a 144hz monitor and wasn’t ‘thrilled’ as such, but then I got my 4k monitor and I’m blown away by it even if it IS only 60fps max. 8k though, that really, really excites me now I’ve experienced 4k. I’m never going back 🙂 You can’t once you’ve experienced the upgrade, now can you…

    • I actually prefer getting 100+ frames at 1440p over 60fps at 2160p. Yeah, extra fidelity is nice, but the smoothness of gameplay wins out for me.

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