Long-Rumoured Apex Legends Hero Apparently Spotted In Game

Long-Rumoured Apex Legends Hero Apparently Spotted In Game

Apex Legends added its first new hero, the speedy Octane, early after launch. The electric-fence-dropping Wattson followed at the start of Season Two in July. Since then, there’s been supposed leaks and speculation about the next hero. Most folks believe it will be a sneaky hacker named Crypto, and he seems to have made an early appearance in the game.

As heard through IGN and Eurogamer, a mysterious character has shown up in Apex Legends.

Players can spot them by dropping at Singh Labs and entering a bunker. Heading down into the lower levels and breaking through a door reveals the location of a strange individual typing away at a computer. They also have a drone which follows them around. Players need to look quickly, though; after a few moments, the individual flees. Thankfully, recording software is a thing and YouTubers and games sites have footage of the sneaky hacker.

It remains to be seen if and when Crypto will be added to Apex Legends. These small teases resemble the lead up to a hero in another game: Overwatch. The snarky hacker Sombra was the subject of an extended alternate reality campaign that forced players to dig through website code and complete other tasks to learn more.

It took a long time before Sombra showed up in the game. Hopefully, the wait for a new Apex Legends character, be it Crypto or anyone, won’t take quite as long.