Aussie Anime Distributor Madman Is Being Merged Into Funimation

Aussie Anime Distributor Madman Is Being Merged Into Funimation
Madman's local anime streaming service, AnimeLab.

The Australian-based anime and niche movie distributor Madman is being merged into Sony’s Funimation division as part of a new joint venture, according to a report on Wednesday morning.

In an exclusive with the entertainment site Variety, Sony Pictures Chairman Mike Hopkins said the joint venture, which would see Funimation distribute anime from Japan through the United States, France and Australia (the latter through Animelab), would help grow Sony’s “global reach and expertise in VOD, theatrical, home video, merchandising, events and more”. The consolidated group will not be consolidating the individual services, however, so Madman’s name and their AnimeLab streaming service should continue operating as normal.

The first project will be the distribution of the Fate/Grand Order series, Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, which will air exclusively on FunimationNow, and AnimeLab for 30 days exclusivity, with an extra one-year exclusivity on the dubbed version.

“It just became clear when we looked at the global view of anime at Sony, these things should really be together,” Colin Decker, the general manager of Funimation and the new head of the three anime joint venture, said.


  • Unclear reporting, both here and by Variety. Madman has been Australia’s largest independent film distributor, and they do stuff far beyond just anime. This sounds like a joint venture, which has happened several times in the past, between Madman and Funimation, not a “merge”. And your specific mention of AnimeLab several times indicates this is digital only?

    • It appears that Funimation will be taking operational control of Madman, even though the brand (Madman) and streaming service (Anime Lab) will still exist as separate entities.

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