Male Beauty Pageant Contestants, Or Fighting Game DLC?

Mister Global is a big male beauty competition that’s basically trying to be Miss Universe for dudes (the Mr. Universe competition, once won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is for body-builders). As part of this year’s contest, entrants have to wear national costumes, and nearly every one of them look like Capcom is about to charge you $7 to unlock them.

Most of these are just absolutely incredible, especially where enormous amounts of feathers and/or ornate armour and weaponry are concerned. And while this is the type of thing that could have got very corny very quickly, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama and Sri Lanka are particularly badass.

You’ll find some highlights below.

Those are the highlights. Also taking part is the United States of America.


    Cool costumes honestly but:

    "male beauty competition that’s basically trying to be Miss Universe for dudes"

    Then why are they all ripped? Being muscular is not beautiful.

      Being muscular is not beautiful

      Neither is your personality or Attitude

    Was gonna go to the gym today, but thanks to this I am off to have egg bennies and some drinks with a mate. I kid, the weekend isn't for hitting the gym.

    Those are some good lookin' dudes.

    Seems the photos are sorted in order from WOW to laughable!

    Do americans really think superman costumes are their native dress?

    OMG Those aztec themed guys are HOT. Mmmm.

    Now that is is some awsome beauty pagent idea.

    I like.

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