Mario Kart Tour’s 200cc Is Locked Behind A Subscription

Mario Kart Tour’s 200cc Is Locked Behind A Subscription

Mario Kart Tour is live now! But if you want to unlock all the speeds, of course there’s a catch.

With the full launch of the game comes the kicker: microtransactions. We already knew in advance that the game would have its own grind and currencies for unlocking characters, karts and gliders, but the real salt in the wound is the racing classes.

50cc, 100cc and 150cc are unlocked out of the bat. But if you want the full 200cc experience, you’ll have to sign up for the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass, a monthly subscription that costs $7.99/month.

I would have expected characters to be unlockable via purchases, but a monthly subscription just for 200cc? That’s brutal. The Pass also comes with exclusive Gold Challenges and “Gold Gifts”, with certain items exclusively locked behind these pay-to-win items.

It’s the precise kind of FOMO bullshit that’s rife throughout mobile gaming, and exactly what users hoped Nintendo wouldn’t subscribe to when they brought their classic IPs to mobile. But hey: this is 2019. People love to burn cash just to save a few minutes of time, or even for digital vanity. But locking full game modes behind a subscription pass might actually be a new low.


    • A lot of it came down to pressure from investors.
      It would’ve been much sooner if Iwata hadn’t held em off for so long but even he had to compromise in the end.

  • I’m not surprised in the slightest, given their track record with DLC in their games. Not to mention lost forever content with the Spotpass concept. Luckily there is ‘only’ overpriced gems in Fire Emblem Heroes, but if they put any of that content behind a sub, prepare for me dropping it faster than I did SO:A

  • Its almost like Nintendo saw Dungeon Keeper Mobile and the backlash and went “That went well, Lets to the same! Our fans will love us!”

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