Mario Kart Tour Kicks Off Today In New York City

Mario Kart Tour Kicks Off Today In New York City

Nintendo’s latest free-to-play mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, launches today on iOS and Android. Every two weeks the nickley, dimey racer will test players in tours, special races inspired by real-world locations. The first destination is New York, New York, where players can earn Musician Mario and Super Mario Odyssey Pauline as playable racers.

New York City, huh? Kind of the obvious place to kick off a world tour, but the course looks nice and the racers even nicer. Mario is decked out in a jazzy sort of suit.


While Pauline should probably be wearing a helmet or something.


The New York announcement comes courtesy of the first instalment of the official Mario Kart Tour News. It’s hosted by Lakitu. You know, the jerk who drops stuff on your head in proper Mario games. This Lakitu is particularly charming, but he doesn’t fool me.

The app should be available for download sometime later this afternoon.


  • Mine was available at 1am and between then and me waking up at 5am, it was downloaded.

    Sometime between those times it also went down for maintenance and will still be down until 4pm.


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