Everything And Metro 2033: Redux Are Free Now

Everything And Metro 2033: Redux Are Free Now
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Two very different games, one identical price: zero.

The two very different games are the current freebies on offer over at the Epic Game Store, which you can sign up to with a secondary email/VPN if you really, really don’t want to hand over your actual data.

Your mileage with the games might vary wildly. Metro 2033: Redux is the best and perhaps most condensed version of 4A Games’ survival-shooter series, although I’ve still got a soft spot for Metro Exodus. Everything, on the other hand, is one of those games that hugely divisive. You either love it, or you find it annoyingly obnoxious, as Amanda did when she played it at launch.

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Either way, you won’t have to pay a cent for either game. You’ll obviously need an Epic account, or have authenticated via something else (like your Xbox or Switch), but you can sort all of that out here.


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