My Totally Reasonable Gaming Plan For The Next Few Months

My Totally Reasonable Gaming Plan For The Next Few Months

Lots of games coming up. Got to think this through strategically.

Gears 5? Finish that campaign this week.

Then move to Destiny 2. Still haven’t cleared that game’s original campaign but don’t want to skip ahead. I’ve got two weeks or so to catch up. Probably won’t catch up but will get close.

Somehow juggle Ghost Recon Breakpoint alongside Destiny 2. I am, after all, a sucker for open world Ubisoft games.

Red Dead Online’s big update? I’m curious, but not enough to take the plunge. Need to finish the main game first. Waiting for a slow period, so, not now.

That upcoming Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening? The one big Zelda I’ve never played. But it’s on Switch, so I can play it any time and therefore wait! Just like I’ve told myself about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Mario Maker 2’s campaign, Astral Chain, Creature in the Well, Wilmot’s Warehouse, etc, etc.

Wait a minute.

Maybe I should delay all of this and try to finish Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s bonus quests. The last one came out last week. I could be finished with that game.

I could also hold off on playing Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey again until it comes to consoles in December. Also in December I can finally finish Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Backing up, November’s got Doom Eternal, so I should finally finish Doom 2016 on my Switch before then. Clean out 20GB of space, maybe (no, don’t do this to yourself, Stephen), then download Divinity Original Sin II to the machine. I’ll need space for that Luigi’s Mansion game, too.

Wait, didn’t I just read about Ashen getting DLC? I never finished Ashen. I want to play more of that game.

What about Borderlands 3? Maybe I can wait on that one, find out later if it’s a must-play. Same with Code Vein. Same with Daemon X Machina. Same with that new Pokémon. I sure hope that new Star Wars is going to be great.

Then there’s Death Stranding coming up. Never did play MGSV. Probably should before then, huh?

And I thought this was going to be a slow fall.

(Oh, god, I just remembered that I still haven’t finished Outer Wilds. And Outer Wilds makes me think of Outer Worlds. I’m doomed.)


  • OK, let’s look at the playtimes of the games I’m into and see if we can’t smoosh the calendar around their lengths. So, there’s Zelda, I should be able to coast through that in about 20hrs, I’ve probably got another 80 left each for Three Houses and Astral Chains, Greedfall’s threatening to be about 40-60, and if my time in Surge 1 is any indication, I’ll probably put about 80 into Surge 2, platinuming it. I’ve heard an estimate of another 30hrs for the content I haven’t finished in Odyssey yet. Death Stranding’s probably going to take 20 just to get past the tutorial and figure out what the hell it is, plus another 20-40 of perservering through when they change what the game is, and, who even knows how long it really takes to be ‘done’ with Pokemon, or the new Sims 4 con– uh…

    oh god. Oh no. WoW classic. All of that combined doesn’t even equal WoW. It took me 300+hrs to get to endgame, then endgame was that again. That… that doesn’t fit anywhere. Like… all year. Alll 2020. It’s all being consumed by WoW.

    • fuck don’t say that about Greedfall I was hoping there was a chance I could knock that off before Goose / Switch Lite / Link’s Awakening next week

      • Some reviewers have said 30? I guess it depends if you think optional sidequests are, in fact, ‘optional’.
        (True RPG Gamers(tm) know that they are not optional. Ever.)

  • It took me 300+hrs to get to endgame That was back when you didnt know what you were doing. With modern technology, I’m sure you can knock it over faster….

    But yeah, playtimes basically go out the window once you toss an MMO into the mix. Most games measure their playtimes in tens of hours, the good MMO’s start at 100’s… I shudder to look at the time I put into my EQ main over the 7ish years I played it, but I know it was over a year in total time. Thats about 3.5 hours a day on average.

    • Hmm looks like it’s a formatting issue… Ad is getting rendered over the top of the read more button on my phone for some reason.

      • Yeah, ad-formatting is being weird at the moment.
        The Borderlands 3 was is particularly egregious for bugging out into obnoxiousness.

        FYI @alexwalker

        When it works properly, scrolling down the page shows you a 75% screenspace-occupying BL3 ad that has header/footers indicating that it is an advertisement and that your content continues below the footer. When it works, you can see that, for example, image content is bisected by the ad, the top half meeting the bottom half if you were to crop the ad out.

        Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed happening lately in Chrome is that the BL3 ad appears, but the content scrolls behind it at a slightly different pace, such that you end up with the ad fully obscuring multiple paragraphs worth of text.

        Not great. And because the scrolling BL3 ad doesn’t have a ‘close’ button, the only solution to view the content is to CTRL+A and paste it somewhere, or ad-block.

        • This morning I left home with my desktop PC on a page that had the full-page BL3 ad duplicated with only one small paragraph in between BL3 ad blocks. The ‘content before/after’ injection was actually functioning properly in that instance, but it was two, discrete, full-page ads, one almost directly after the other. On the Scorpia article.

          • We’re aware re. the Borderlands 3 interscroller ad – I’ve flagged it a few times with developers in different scenarios. I can’t forcibly fix it myself, so I can’t give an ETA or anything, but it’s definitely been aired up the flagpole.

  • Christ, and I thought my outlook was bad, and I’m just looking at Destiny (15-20hrs p/wk, likely jumping to 40-50/wk when Shadowkeep launches) and Monster Hunter Iceborne (20-40hrs), while considering finishing the Spiderman DLC that I’ve barely started (10-12hrs), and juggling a Minecraft Stoneblock playthrough on the side (who the f- knows hrs). I haven’t even thought about what’s ahead… Whatever’s on the horizon, it can wait until after Shadowkeep.

    • Oh crap, thanks for the reminder… I need to transition my PC copy of D2 from to Steam before the end of the month and they shut off all access to it.

      Thank God I check my emails at least once a month. c.c

  • It articles like this that remind me never to monetise your hobby. Feeling pressure to play all of those games, all but one or two will completely fall out of conversation in less than a month, seems so exhausting and tedious. No wonder people almost stop playing games when they get out of the industry.

  • See, this is why I’m glad my tastes are at least a little more niche, and I’ve started to say no to things I might like and just say yes to things I’m really into.

    So that just leaves Astran Chain, and Greedfall, and The Outer Worlds, and Pokémon, and Zelda, and Death Stranding, and I still have to get Dragon Quest Builders 2, and my second playthrough of Fire Emblem, and… oh.

  • I had planned on getting BL3 this week, but decided instead to grab Wreckfest and leave BL3 for over Christmas. Playing Wreckfest alongside No Man’s Sky is much easier that trying to plow through BL3 and NMS.

    That’s pretty much my gaming year. I’m sure I will eventually get Death Stranding, but that can wait.

    I keep my gaming relaxed and enjoyable. I’d hate to be in a gaming journalist position where you are required to play. No thank you!

  • Hey toss a toddler into the mix and kiss your gaming life goodbye!

    Games I’m currently working on:
    Uncharted 4 all treasures/extras collection run.
    Homeworld 1, 80% of the way through the campaign.
    Breath of the Wild.
    Cadence of Hyrule/Crypt of the Necrodancer.
    DKC Tropical Freeze.

  • i have a 2 year old and another 1 coming november.

    this is my plans:

    finished gears 5 last night
    still need to finish control
    maybe links awakening. it might have to wait for a break
    bordelrands 3 is going to have to wait, unless i can finsih it before shadowkeep
    jedi:fallen order is a must
    pokemon sword and sheild are a must.

    everything else can wait or just never happen

  • Alex Walker chill the fuck out man this is 2019 and we’re expecting some more games in 2020 OK?!
    Just take a chill pill or some shit now next month as we all know is Halloween because when the sun goes down and the clock strikes 12 it’s midnight fun as we will be playing some fantastic Halloween games and I can’t wait to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 when it comes on the Nintendo Switch next month just in time for Halloween.
    I’m also excited for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD on the Nintendo Switch next month and of course Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch which is coming out for the Nintendo Switch next month as well.

  • I realised long ago that if I were to play, read and watch everything in my backlog as well as keep up with what’s new I’d need to basically take a year or two off and do nothing but watch things, read stuff or play games.

    • When I was younger, that was my reasoning behind switching to a polyphasic sleep schedule.

      I had a bigpond movies and some other netflix style game DVD subscription and I blew the fuck through them in the combined nine months I was following that schedule.

      It’s a very lonely, isolating experience, though. Couldn’t keep it up for that fact alone.

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