Now Introducing Witcher 1 In 8K

Seeing The Witcher 2's intro get upscaled to hell and back was certainly something. But The Witcher 2 was already a good looking game, so the upgrades weren't quite as impressive as, say, what happens when the original Witcher gets the 8K treatment.

The character models for The Witcher 1 don't have as much texturing or grit as the future games, obviously, so the overall look here is a bit flatter — or maybe Nintendo-like — than what you'd expect from Geralt today.

But holy fucking hell is it a substantial improvement from the original intro. Compare this:

... to this:

Backgrounds are sharper. Really sharp, in some places actually. The character models have a lot of neat detail, and even the hair has a kind of neat stylised look to it. Probably not the intention of the original art design, but when you're just pushing a bunch of still images through an AI upscaler and re-rendering it as a video, it's pretty hard to complain about the outcome.

Introducing The Witcher 2 In 8K

The Witcher 2's intro sequence is still one of the best intros for a video game ever made. It's still gorgeous in 720p today, but have you seen it in 8K? Oh my.

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    I might actually finish that game and start the others if they did this.

    this is what im hoping to see in Netflix witcher series, the first time geralt breaks the the cuse set on Ada

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