One Switch Lite User Is Already Having JoyCon Drift Issues

One Switch Lite User Is Already Having JoyCon Drift Issues
GIF: Youtube (Alexis Javier)

The Switch might be the most beloved console of today, but it’s got one major flaw: the reliability of the JoyCons. It was the biggest concern hovering around the launch of the Switch Lite, and only a week after the console has landed in gamers’ hands, it looks like the dreaded drift is back.

A question hovering around the Switch Lite has been whether its JoyCons would suffer from a similar problem, which is obviously a huge concern since you can’t swap out the JoyCons for fresh ones. And a new video shared by Alexis Javier on YouTube showcases the dreaded problem in Breath of the Wild. After nudging the right stick to rotate the camera around, the camera keeps panning slowly, an all-too-obvious indication of the same problem that has sent Switch owners around the bend.

With the original JoyCons, users could at least rely on some DIY remedies by taking apart the JoyCon and using some contact cleaner. That’s not an option with the Switch Lite, even though Spawn Wave found the whole rear of the Lite’s chassis could be removed and accessed a little more cleanly than the original. (That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it’s a lot easier when the JoyCons can be detached from the entire console.)

It’s not the only issue that has cropped up with the Switch Lite. Fighting game fans have raised issues with the design of the D-pad. Because the internal contacts of the Switch Lite uses the same layout for the D-Pad as the original Switch, the distance between the contacts makes it difficult for moves where you roll from one directional input to the other (like in Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter).

Image: Spawn Wave (YouTube)

Nintendo’s standard warranty agreement says they’ll cover any manufacturing faults or defects within 12 months, with all repairs turned around within 10 working days.

We’ll have to wait and see if more user reports come in about JoyCon drift with the new console. Fingers crossed it doesn’t — it’s the worst possible scenario, especially if you just forked out around $300 or more to grab a console that could potentially suffer from the same problem as the Switch you already owned.


  • I never cared about this issue because its an easy fix and controllers can be detached and replaced etc. But this is a BIG issue for the switch Lite

      • Yeah when the outlay for something is several hundred dollars and its closest competitors don’t have this same issue then… well maybe I’d rather pay an extra hundred and have something that isn’t portable but with better graphics and hardware I can rely on.

        Shit on MS all you want for the red ring of death back in the day but at least they had an active solution for it that didn’t cost the customer anything other than time to take it to a post office (postage was pre-paid by them as well!). Last year when my Surface had an issue, I didn’t even go to a post office. The courier picked it up from my house and I had a replacement device 3 days later. Now that’s service.

        Paying an additional $50-60 to fix THEIR problem isn’t a service or a solution. Its a dick in the mouth.

        • MS also gave everyone who had Xbox Arcades (you know the ones without a HDD from launch) free 20GB HDD’s when it became mandatory to have a HDD.

          I love MS support for their devices.

          • They are talking about Replacing the controller by buying a new one.

            Perhaps read the entire thread next time.

          • But you don’t have to do that, they fix it free. I did read the entire thread, it’s exactly what they said.

          • I never cared about this issue because its an easy fix and controllers can be detached and replaced

            You say that like $50-$60 per joycon is simply nothing to anyone that owns a switch…

            Funny, Not a single mention of repairs costing money. I do see two comments though talking about buying new ones.

            Funny that.

          • So tell me why you’re buying a new one if it’s fixed for free? Come on guys, do I really have to point that obvious fact out?

        • You dont have to pay anything. Nintendo fix it for free

          Where are you people getting this? Do you all just make stuff up?

          • Late to the party here, but:

            A) Nintendo Australia have advised that the Nintendo US offer of no-questions-asked free repair/replace does not stand here. I have two friends who are currently in disputes with Nintendo around this right now.

            B) Nintendo in Australia have put the cost of shipping on customers, unlike the example of Microsoft paying for couriers. This translates to a very real postage cost for safe, insured shipping which I expect must not be too far off the price you’ve been quoted.

      • Not what i said.

        I have a pro controller because the joy cons are not great when joined together for docked switch usage. i could just play my switch docked (or un-docked but on its stand) until they are repaired. If you have any issues with the switch lite, the whole console is going in for repair making it a MUCH worse scenario. That’s the only point i was making, Its pretty simple really.

        Now that Nintendo are repairing it for free you never have to replace a joy con out of your own pocket. Unless you damaged it yourself. My mate blew some air in his controller and it was fixed. People just like to whinge and make it out to be a bigger deal than it is. But again, its a much worse situation its happening on the switch Lite.

        • ‘Free’ is thrown around so much in regards to shit like this…

          Time itself actually has value. Time without the controllers (not everyone will just have an alternative like the pro), without the whole console in case of the Lite, etc. Products that you paid for and expected would work properly for, oh I don’t know, how about even just a generous six months?

          And when it is replaced, I guess you should just blindly accept there’s a pretty damn good chance you’ll have to sort out another ‘free’ replacement when it happens again in a few months.

  • The announcement of the Lite reportedly did great things for their Nintendo’s price… Whaddya wanna bet some analysis went into how the market would react if they launched with joycon drift compared to if they had to postpone the launch to redesign with potentially more expensive solutions and recall the already-manufactured models?

    • Right?

      I assume they’re counting on a lot of things… Like a great many people who’ll absolutely just put up with it instead of sending their console back and being without it for a time, or people who will buy them for younger kids that wont care or know any better, etc.

  • This is precisely why i wont buy any switch console untill they fix this.

    Nintendo needs to come out, Admit they fucked up and do a hardware revision.

    The joycon is shit.

    I’ve never seen a console have a control fail so quickly and consistently like this. Nintendo has ruined a great console by using cheap controller hardware.

  • Deal breaker for me. I’ll stick with my Switch Phat for now, haven’t had drift issues yet but it’s frustrating that they haven’t really addressed it as an issue seemingly.

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