Our Favourite Cosplay From Fan Expo Canada 2019

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre played host this year to 2019's Fan Expo Canada, which attracted around 150,000 people with video games, comics, anime and, hey whaddya know, cosplay as well.

Mineralblu ventured north of the border to take these photos and shoot this video of the latter, and as usual you’ll find each cosplay shot’s information — like the character, series and cosplayer’s social media handle — watermarked on the image.


    I'm going to get down voted to hell for this.....

    I love a good gender swap cosplay and I unashamedly admit I like looking at attractive woman but to be honest I find it a little lazy when it's just a fleeting reference with a sexy revealing costume.

    Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the effort put in to making and designing the costume and fully support gals to celebrate their bodies as they see fit, I'm just saying what pops to mind sometimes.
    It kinda reminds me of those Halloween costumes where you Just whack "sexy" on the front something like police officer, nurse, cat etc.

    If anyone who does this happens to see my comment, don't take me too seriously, do what makes ya happy.

      I was totally thinking along the same lines. As I was scrolling down I was thinking man these are some sick cosplay, but then you get to some and wonder where the line gets drawn about whether they are trying to be "sexy" (ps I hate that word but for lack of a better use) or legitimately just dressing for fun.
      I would also like to know others thoughts.
      I guess maybe for some it would be an escapism and they get confidence in portraying their favourite characters. Any way good chat LOL have a top day.

      Sexy and revealing are two very different things. Undoubtedly a lot of them do it just for the attention.

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