P.T. Is Even More Terrifying Than We Knew

P.T. Is Even More Terrifying Than We Knew

L-L-Lisa … are you OK???

The stammering ghost that forms the basis of your fear in P.T., Kojima’s cancelled horror adventure, has even more pant-shitting tricks up her sleeve. Aussie Bloodborne/Sekiro/Souls hacker Lance McDonald has been messing around with the 2014 demo to unlock the game’s manual camera. Given all the stuff McDonald’s found recently in Control, and every other game, it’s a worthwhile endeavour.

The early findings were, uh, a bit concerning.

Lisa, as it turns out, loves doing a ton of weird shit when you’re not looking. When you’re planning the demo, you’ll hear Lisa walking behind you, or see her shadow on the sides of the screen. Turn and nothing’s there.

It’s a standard horror shtick. But if you have manual control of P.T.‘s camera, you can see behind you without the game thinking you’ve turned around, and–OH SHIT

The best one is when you grab the flashlight for the first time. When you pick it up, Lisa immediately attaches herself to your back. You can’t see that normally, but if you manually shift the camera backward and just move the player forward…


McDonald is still trying to unlock P.T.‘s full camera functionality, so there’s undoubtedly more secrets to be found. What mysteries lie behind P.T.‘s walls, I wonder?


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