Persona 5's New Intro Is So, So Good

GIF: Persona 5 Royal (Atlus)

Persona 5 already had a banging intro, but with the release of the Royal Edition, it's getting a completely new one that's just as good.

Atlus released the new intro for Persona 5: Royal Edition, which doesn't launch in Western territories until next year, through their Japanese YouTube channel. Long story short, it's a banger. The music's a little more upbeat, the trailer itself has a lot more colours beyond the reds, blacks and grays of the original intro.

Don't get me wrong: the original intro still slaps. But holy shit, Atlus has smashed it not just out of the park, but into the next suburb.

Here's the original intro:

This game has so much style it hurts. Please, Atlus, get Persona 5 on PC or the Switch sometime soon. Please.

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    persona swiiiiiiiiiiitch
    *drools vacantly*

      I'm sure Persona Warriors will be fun, especially with the way they'll likely have cameos from all the other games as paid DLC!

    I've never been able to get into anime, mostly because the frame rate looks more like a series of comic panels than an actual animation. The gif shown above is a good example. Miyazaki films are an exception though. And Appleseed was cool too.

      The feature GIF is also cut down to 12fps to reduce page weight, so it's not the full animation to be fair

    I think I like the original's song a little more, but I like the animation in the new one a little more.

    They're both fire though.

    I prefer the original. Classic Noir-styling versus the just overwhelming need to fill every bit of space with noise of the new. The clashing colours are also painful on the eyes. I think we've hit peak engrish with the new song too.

    The old one was a bit more thematically coherent, but the new one gave the entire cast a chance to strut their stuff as opposed to the first one which relegated best girl to just one brief scene.

    Also, I really kinda dig the anime OP's as well. They're not *quite* as strong but still pretty damn good.

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