Persona 5’s New Intro Is So, So Good

Persona 5’s New Intro Is So, So Good
GIF: Persona 5 Royal (Atlus)

Persona 5 already had a banging intro, but with the release of the Royal Edition, it’s getting a completely new one that’s just as good.

Atlus released the new intro for Persona 5: Royal Edition, which doesn’t launch in Western territories until next year, through their Japanese YouTube channel. Long story short, it’s a banger. The music’s a little more upbeat, the trailer itself has a lot more colours beyond the reds, blacks and grays of the original intro.

Don’t get me wrong: the original intro still slaps. But holy shit, Atlus has smashed it not just out of the park, but into the next suburb.

Here’s the original intro:

This game has so much style it hurts. Please, Atlus, get Persona 5 on PC or the Switch sometime soon. Please.

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    • I’m sure Persona Warriors will be fun, especially with the way they’ll likely have cameos from all the other games as paid DLC!

  • I’ve never been able to get into anime, mostly because the frame rate looks more like a series of comic panels than an actual animation. The gif shown above is a good example. Miyazaki films are an exception though. And Appleseed was cool too.

  • I think I like the original’s song a little more, but I like the animation in the new one a little more.

    They’re both fire though.

  • I prefer the original. Classic Noir-styling versus the just overwhelming need to fill every bit of space with noise of the new. The clashing colours are also painful on the eyes. I think we’ve hit peak engrish with the new song too.

  • The old one was a bit more thematically coherent, but the new one gave the entire cast a chance to strut their stuff as opposed to the first one which relegated best girl to just one brief scene.

    Also, I really kinda dig the anime OP’s as well. They’re not *quite* as strong but still pretty damn good.

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