PlayStation Patents AI Assistant That Helps You In-Game

PlayStation Patents AI Assistant That Helps You In-Game
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Imagine you’re stuck looking for a quest marker, or you can’t find that last item you need for end-game armour. Instead of pulling out your phone, you simply bark into your controller: “Hey Sony, help me find the [insert in-game item here] in [insert game],” and you get in-game prompts that are genuinely helpful.

According to the patent, the AI helper would be called “PlayStation Assist”. The idea is pretty straightforward: the player would ask or type a question while they’re playing a game, and that query would be sent to a machine learning-powered server that spits out an audio prompt, text boxes or video guide helping the player progress.

Given the amount of surveys and data already available about the amount of time people spend watching YouTube and Twitch for gameplay tips and advice — and the fact that merely going to YouTube will soon become an even bigger threat to PlayStation and Xbox as a rival gaming platform — this kind of feature makes total sense to include in the PlayStation 5.

There’s a bunch of practical questions that I’d love answered. Where would the videos and content be pulled from? Does it build its own search functionality or simply try and translate the questions users are asking to spit back into Google? Do the videos come from YouTube? How does it work UI-wise: is it a picture-in-picture situation, does it suspend the game, and do games have to be coded in a particular way to support that?

You can go on and on, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Xbox ends up adopting something similar of their own even if it’s just a partnership with Google Assistant or Alexa. Publishers and platform holders are all looking for ways to stop people leaving their ecosystem wherever possible, and making sure people don’t get frustrated while they’re playing games is a good way of combating that.

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  • Lol, as if information your looking for regarding games isn’t hard enough to find already, all from that I’ve found has been on youtube, instead of writing useful guides. Now lets have another app that just plays the game for you instead.

  • How is this even patentable? Or at least, how did this particular patent get approved? This technology already exists (Search Engines, Google Assistant/Alexa) and on a much simpler level it seems like a “Do it with a computer” type patent.

    Didn’t XBox already do this with the Snap-in system that shows information in a side-bar? Or at least provide the facility for if people wanted to?

    The only part that seems particularly patentable is the part where it uses deep learning to generate a context sensitive solution to the player’s query.

  • If this means I don’t have to skim through a 22 minute YouTube video to find the answer to something that shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds, I’m all for it

    It drives me insane when I just want to know where to find an item and have to sit through some guys intro, explanation of the item, the little fashion show, why the item is good, the item in action and all the shit I can do after getting the item before they actually show you.

    • “Hey guys, welcome to my guide for Game! Remember to like, comment and subscribe if this video helped you in any way to help my channel grow! Before I spend 30 seconds telling you what you want to know, here’s 15 minutes of generic background info that you already know. I’ll see you after my 2 minute intro! Also today’s video sponsored by Squarespace!”

    • It’s not hard to see how could be a lot faster and easier if it works well enough.

      Granted the example shown seems insane, if you’re already fighting dragons in Skyrim you prob wouldn’t be looking for the most common sword in the bloody game.

  • I’ve been pretty much set ever since the PS4 linked relevant websites to specific trophies using the console browser. Can pretty much check trophy info on the fly now – I guess this just goes a step or two further. I mean, I guess I could just pick up my phone and check the same info but … effort.

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