Get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For Free With Rockstar’s New Games Launcher

Get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For Free With Rockstar’s New Games Launcher

Rockstar Games has released a new digital launcher for its games on PC. The new launcher, creatively titled the Rockstar Games Launcher, is a way for players to buy and play Rockstar games. It’s very bare-bones at the moment, but it works. Mostly.

The Rockstar Launcher was first spotted by numerous GTA and Red Dead fans across Twitter earlier today. It’s similar to Blizzard’s launcher with a similar layout and store.

There are seven games currently for sale, though games like Manhunt, Midnight Club, older top-down GTA titles and other classic Rockstar games aren’t currently for sale. Users who download the launcher can get a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


When first downloaded and installed, the launcher adds Rockstar games you already own to your library. However, if you own those games on Steam, you have to click a button that says “Play On Steam,” launching another launcher within the launcher. Fun! According to a blog post by Rockstar, the launcher also features cloud save and automatic updates.

It’s not clear yet what this means for the future of Rockstar’s games on PC. However, many Rockstar fans are speculating that this new launcher is further proof that Red Dead Redemption 2 will eventually be available for PC players.

There’s not much in the Rockstar Launcher yet, though if you don’t own San Andreas it’s worth checking out. However, according to GTA data miners, the version is the same as the Steam version which is based on the mobile ports and is missing some graphical touches and songs.


  • Going to need to upgrade RAM just to support all the damn launchers, lol.

    This might be a good time to plug Playnite, similar to GoG 2.0’s multi launcher integration, but much better.

  • Urrrrrrrrrgh fucking launcher after launcher after launcher… fully intentional proliferation of fucking bloatware for no consumer benefit whatsoever. This is getting beyond a joke.

    • Also, to every mocking “WHaT’S The BIg deAl ABoUt InSTaLlinG aNOThER lAuncHEr? it’S JusT fReE sOFTWaRe!” apologist, I want you to entertain the idea of a future where every family of websites you try to visit insists that you install their own special web-browser just to access those specific sites.

      • Honestly, I have no issues when it’s different companies offering different perks for developers (I think Steam, Epic and Itch all offer very different experiences, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so I have no issues having them all installed), but there’s something that really rubs me the wrong way when storefronts become publisher specific. At that point, I’ll just play something else.

      • You’re not wrong about this, Transient. This is shyte is no different to that period from about ’05 onwards where just about every game required you to set up an account before you could even play the thing, irrespective of whether you were playing online or not.

      • I’m waiting for the launcher launcher… the launcher you launch for launchers when launching launchers is a launch in itself!

  • Sounds like Rockstar is sick of having to lose a bit of money everytime one of their whales buys some more GTA fake money to buy fake things in their online modes.

  • @alexwalker

    Probably somewhat related, remember a few weeks ago when Rockstar submitted “Bonaire” to be classified but came back as an RC. Turns out it was an “error” and resubmitted RDR2 but that came back as an RC as well.

    Might be a lead for another story.

  • I just hate how despite all the money rockstar/2k have made from the gta series they play Scrooge when it came to not renewing the soundtracks for Vice city/San Andreas etc.!! Would give anything to replay my ps2 discs on ps4 with the proper soundtracks! And vice city stories too! Not like they’re a stuggling indie!

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