Say Goodbye To Fortnite’s Mechs

Say Goodbye To Fortnite’s Mechs
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Fortnite’s Season 10 is in its last weeks, which means the game’s ever-evolving plot is coming to the fore. The latest development seems to be causing the game’s powerful, much-hated mechs to explode, finally removing them from the game.

Following yesterday’s 10.40 patch, players have been noticing that the mechs are exploding when they hit the ground. Kotaku verified this occurrence in-game. Eurogamer points out that this seems to be related to computer monitors in Dusty Depot showing that the mechs have been infected with a virus. This might be the work of The Visitor, who, lore has it, was responsible for Season 4’s rocket launch and has been destroying Season 10’s time rifts to construct a new rocket.

In August, the Fortnite Twitter account posted an image of a mech undergoing some kind of alteration, reflected in the Visitor’s visor. Whatever the mysterious character’s plans are, they seem to be coming to fruition.

At best, Fortnite lore is maddeningly confusing. Whether you understand what the hell is happening or not, the long and short of it is that mechs are basically gone, a development that’s pleasing many players. Calls to remove the vehicle began as soon as it was introduced at the beginning of Season 10, with angry players citing its high damage and ability to rapidly farm materials.

Epic’s reasoning that the mech gave less skilled or less experienced players a way to win a match caused even more fervour. Despite several tweaks to the mech over the course of the season, players have continued to find it overpowered.

While some players are citing community outrage as the cause of the mech’s removal, others are pointing out that it’s all in service of Fortnite’s lore.

“We had to suffer through weeks of [the mechs’] bs just so they can be a part of this season’s story,” one player on Reddit said. “[Epic] seriously did this because of the LORE after millions of complaints online and people quitting the game? Amazing, honestly,” wrote another.

For the most part, though, anti-mech players are glad that, whatever the reason, they finally got what they wanted. Those mechs aren’t so tough now, are they?

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