Image: Vanna O'Brien (Kotaku)

Jack's recreation of Mario Kart 64 triggered a few memories, but it was butchfish who first nailed the level as DK's Jungle Parkway. Big thanks to Jack for chipping in with the drawing!

Today we're back with Vanna and her Apple Pencil, and this one is a little more ... obscure. Quite a few of you definitely know the game. But who will get it first?

Good luck!


Winter Games was the last game, which Casual Prolix (how? HOW) nailed first. I swear to god, get out of my brain dude. So to subvert that, let's try something a bit different with today's scribble.

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    Is it a house from Age of Empires 2?

    First thought: An RTS. Age of Empires? Warcraft (1)?
    Second thought: Kinda looks like Odgen's Tavern from Diablo.
    Third thought: none of these games are "obscure".

    I'm gonna lock in "Rising Lands". Thumbs up for you if you've even heard of Rising Lands.

      I only ever got to play the demo of Rising Lands that came on one of those shareware CDs back in the 90s. I thought I was the only one who remembered it!

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