SNK Reveals The 20 Games For Neo Geo Arcade Stick

Photo: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

Earlier this month, SNK announced the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. It’s packed with 20 built-in games, which weren’t revealed. That is, until now.

SNK has announced the 20 games it’s including for the release. According to IT Media, they are:

The King of Fighters ‘95

The King of Fighters ‘97

The King of Fighters ‘98

The King of Fighters ‘99

The King of Fighters 2000

The King of Fighters 2002

Fatal Fury Special

Fatal Fury 3

Garou: Mark of Wolves

Samurai Shodown II

Samurai Shodown III

Samurai Shodown IV

Samurai Shodown V

The Art of Fighting

World Heroes 2

World Heroes 2 Jet

World Heroes Perfect

Ninja Master’s

The Last Blade 2

Kizuna Encounter

According to the official release, this appears to be the international title list, but SNK acknowledges that specifics might change.

Image: SNK


    Why no KoF '96? And why the worst title in the AoF series?
    Also, the majority of these games are all on the NeoGeo Mini (plus more). I know it's a nice bit of kit with the addition of built in games, but it'd have been good to see some of the better AoF and FF games on it. Also, it will prbs have the "bouncy" censorship of the MVS ports :(

      The titles really are all over the place. I’d love to just have a complete SNK era set of the titles.

        Me too, friendo. I am sucker for any and all SNK compilations, but I still find my old PS2 discs are the best way to play the games because A) They're all together based on franchise, and B) they're emulated properly. And why is there no current gen Metal Slug collection? The last one was way back on the Wii and hardly anyone has had a chance to play MS7/XX, which is a travesty.
        The Mini is really good though (apart form the lack of Mai-bounce).

    That's a lot of fighting games.

    SNK have so many other games. KoF six times. Shame really. Wider spread of titles would have been nice.

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