Some Of The Best Games Hidden Inside Other Games

Some Of The Best Games Hidden Inside Other Games
Gif: The Easter Egg Hunter, <a href="">YouTube</a>
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Sometimes when I’m playing a game and it ain’t great or I’m bored, I’ll wish I was playing something else. That usually means exiting the game and loading up a new video game. But there are some devs that have kindly tossed in a whole different game inside another game, letting players take a break from fighting to play some Breakout.

Over on YouTube, The Easter Egg Hunter released a video this week showcasing some of the best and oddest games hidden in other games.

For example, in Hitman (2016) players can actually play Minesweeper on a computer found in the game. To access this game a player will need to have an explosive rubber ducky and place it underneath a specific pole in the world. Once that has been done, for some reason, Minesweeper becomes available to play.

This isn’t a list of every instance of a hidden game inside another game. But a few of these I didn’t know about. This video also got me thinking about one of my favourite examples of a game in a game, which was Test Drive: Overdrive on the PS2. It had a playable version of Pong during loading screens. The game wasn’t great, so my brother and I ended up playing a lot of Pong instead of racing.


  • I remember going to Game Masters in ACMI at Melbourne a few years ago.
    I actively tried to sabotage the Day of the Tentacle exhibit by using the computer in Weird Ed’s room(I had to look it up) which plays the original Maniac Mansion.

    They were using the pirated (ScummVM) version which didn’t have the easter egg so my plan didn’t work

  • Just here to make sure Commander Keen 4 gets a HUGE shoutout for having an awesome pong game in the arm computer that could keep you busy for hours.

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