Someone Needs To Make This Aussie Rocket League Jersey

Someone Needs To Make This Aussie Rocket League Jersey
Image: <a href="">Jalen Jones (Twitter)</a>
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With the news that the Olympics has finally embraced some form of video games, having thrown around the idea all the way back to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, people got thinking. What would proper Olympic jerseys for gaming look like? Short answer: this.

Jalen Jones, a motion and graphics designer for the Vegas Golden Knights ice hockey team, figured that with Rocket League and Street Fighter 5 taking part in the Tokyo Olympics next year as part of the Intel World Open, there should be jerseys for the occasion.

So they made some mock-ups for Rocket League, showing off what the banners, jerseys and in-game decals could look like. The Australian jersey in particular is just outstanding:

I mean, fuck. Look at it. That would probably be the best looking jersey with the green and gold.

All of the jerseys, mind you, are pretty smashing. The light texturing on the Swedish mock-up looks fantastic, and the English rose is really quite something. I can take or leave the American and French designs, but the Dutch and German ones are pretty sweet.

I mean, c’mon Psyonix. Don’t even wait for the Olympics to roll around. Someone get these made up STAT, before someone else does, and make sure Jones gets paid a healthy chunk for those Aussie colours.

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