Stranded Pro Gamer Criticised For Using Airport’s Electricity

Stranded Pro Gamer Criticised For Using Airport’s Electricity
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Earlier this week, a typhoon hit Japan. According to reports, nearly seventeen thousand people were stranded at Narita Airport, outside Tokyo. Flights were cancelled, and it was difficult to get trains and taxis. Pro fighting game player Naoki “Moke” Nakayama was among those who were stuck. 

Travellers had to wait overnight for the trains to run. The airport passed out crackers, water, and sleeping bags, reports Mainichi

To pass the time, he played games with others. Innocent enough, right? Well… Moke started getting criticised for using the airport’s electricity without permission and for blocking a fire extinguisher. He was called out for setting a bad example as a pro gamer.

The criticism was so severe that he even issued an apology for using the airport’s electricity without permission and for blocking the fire extinguisher.

Moke even sent an apology to the airport and added that, as a professional gamer, he will think more about his actions. 


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      I want to support any website I visit, but if the content of that website is actually impacted, i.e. I can’t read the article, I’m going to use adblock. Should Kotaku staff see this I’m on Firefox on PC if that’s any help resolving the issue.

  • Blocking the fire extinguisher i can understand but using the electricity i don’t see the issue. Long delays and you have a games console on hand, hell yeah, i’m plugging into the power outlet.

    • Yeah…I mean the power outlets are there to be used, right? Why would they be there if you’re not allowing to use them? It’s confusing why that’s an issue.

      The only real issue here is setting up in a bad position that blocked access to the fire extinguisher.

      • No, those power outlets are there for cleaning staff, electric billboards, etc.

        It’s just common sense. It’s not your business, if a customer came in to your business and started plugging in devices into random outlets without so much as asking you (even if you would have said yes) would you be happy about it?

        I can see people getting away with recharging mobiles and things like that but using it to play consoles? That’s just not on…

    • No! Having your flight delayed/cancelled is a PUNISHMENT! You’re meant to sit in polite silence and reflect on what you’ve done to deserve it!

      …Yeah. Fuck these people, I don’t care who you are, you get stuck in an airport, your shit runs out of charge, you charge it the fuck up. That’s literally the fucking LEAST the airport should provide.

    • Using a power point to charge your phone and then moving on for someone else use it would be one thing. Maybe he was plugged in for hours, which would be kind of selfish.

  • Wow, people complain about anything these days. Pretty sure he wasn’t putting anyone in danger or sending the airport bankrupt by using a trivial amount of power. BS he needed to apologise for making the best of a bad situation.

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