Super Nintendo Games Are Coming To Switch For Online Subscribers

Super Nintendo Games Are Coming To Switch For Online Subscribers

You’ve been asking for it since 2016, and now you’re getting it. Nintendo just announced that a range of Super Nintendo titles will be made available for Nintendo Switch Online.

The first lineup of games includes:


Rewind function will be available at launch, and there’ll also be online multiplayer.

Oh, and like with the NES, Nintendo will also be selling a retro SNES controller that will connect wirelessly to the Switch.

The service launches tomorrow, September 6.


  • And finally Nintendo give us what we want. Finally I can take my SNES games on the road instead of being tethered to a TV

  • Yay, about time. Pretty good list. Now for Super Mario All-Stars to make a showing and I’ll be as happy as pig in mud.

  • Most of those aren’t surprises but I’m very pleased to see Demon’s Crest on there. Very underappreciated SNES gem.

  • Most of these are on the Super Nintendo Mini, but it’s a decent list of games.. especially now it’s portable..

    I’m actually travelling for work on Saturday so this is PERFECT timing for me..

    Shout out for Brawl Brothers.. My friend and I played the heck out of Rival Turf on the SNES (the prequel to Brawl Bros) cause it had 2 player scrolling beat em up action.

    And of course I’ll play Super Mario World for the 10th time..

  • Welp, looks like I’ll be taking out a SNES catalog subscription then. Oh wait, it lets you play online too? And has a NES catalog? Wow, cool.

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