Survival Tactics Game Nails The Feedback Loop Of Scavenging And Succeeding

Overland is a captivating 3D survival tactics game that scratches so many itches for me that it’s been easy to sink hours into it without even realising. In it, you hunt for supplies in ghost towns roaming with giant monsters to survive a cross-country trip. On a 9×9 grid, you control multiple characters in search of supplies like gasoline, med kits, and weapons. Its perfect blend of planning and desperate scavenging makes for thrilling escapes and heartbreaking losses.

My colleague Riley MacLeod has already written about it, so I figured I’d show the game in action. This game reminds me of a really dope survival take on Into the Breach, one of my favourite games of last year. Watch the video above to see me break down how it works and why it’s so damn good.

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