Sydney Wants The 2020 Pokemon Go Safari

Sydney Wants The 2020 Pokemon Go Safari
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The next global Pokémon Go event could be in Sydney’s Olympic Park, with a community group securing the full support of the area’s governing authority to bring the festival to Australia.

The Facebook group, titled “Bring Pokémon GO Safari to Sydney Australia“, is launching a bid to bring the app’s developers, Niantic Labs, to Sydney Olympic Park for a special Safari Zone event.

The event would convert huge areas, like Sydney Olympic Park, into themed zones filled with rare and exotic species of Pokémon and the group is expecting around 80,000 would likely show up over the course of three days to participate in it.

In order to show Niantic the venue is worth the festival, the group is heading to major locations around Sydney during its monthly community day on September 15 and filming it to cut together a wholesome video of gamers linking up for Pokémon. Is there anything more pure? The group estimates it will bring an alleged $29 million to Sydney and NSW.

Submissions for the Niantic Safari festival close on October 1. Like a Charmander, never let that fire burn out.

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  • I mean, this has also been happening in Brisbane since the middle of this year, with the hope that Southbank could host a Safari? Seems a bit narrow to pull just this news report out without seeing the larger picture here, haha.

  • Jeez … SOMETHING has to happen out at Olympic Park. Travelled there for the IEM event and it made me adjust my already fairly well established hate of Sydney to incorporate two new levels of disdain. A fitting argument against having an Olympics in my book – all that’s missing is a few tumbleweeds.

  • Gotta do SOMETHING to bring tourists back after the state government spent half a decade murdering the culture through slow suffocation and forcing children to undress in public.

      • The NSW government has spent years systematically dismantling Sydney’s tourism industry and police are routinely strip searching minors in train stations.

        But hey, Pokemon is popular with kids, right?

          • Oh, yeah. It’s totally just a normal thing in Sydney now. This city is fucked. They just passed a law that you can instantly lose your licensee if you test positive too drugs on a machine that’s known to give false positives 1 time in 5.

            I’m genuinely planning to move to Melbourne.

          • Wow that’s fucked up. Is the ghost of Ronald Reagan your mayor?

            Also, we’re happy to welcome those who have seen the light and abandon the error of their ways 😉

          • The mayor is actually this super cool older lady who has been battling the Randians and Reaganites for a long time, but she can’t beat the state government.
            The new drug testing laws are really worrying me. I take perfectly legal prescription meds that are known to test positive for amphetamines on those machines. Seeing there’s no actual legal process anymore, every time I drive I’m rolling the dice on whether I’m going to be arrested for narcotics, have my car impounded and my licence revoked.
            Sydney is my home, but I’ve adopted new homes before. Probably about 12 months away from a permanent move down in your direction.

  • Geez, what a bunch of whingers. Sure, Sydney has its issues. So does every other capital city in the world. It’s still a great place, and Olympic Park is a top venue to have this event.

    And as a bonus, some mutated pokémon may show up, due to residual toxic and radioactive waste that may be present at the park. (8P

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