The Art Of Control

The Art Of Control

As someone who grew up in a city dominated by brutalist office and government buildings, I’ve got a real soft spot for Control’s art design, which we’re going to be showcasing in tonight’s Fine Art.

Below you’ll find a cross-section of some of the work that went into the game’s conception, production and marketing. It’s not everything from everyone involved in the project, but it’s enough to give you a good idea of where the ideas for the finished product came from.

The Creepypasta Community That Influenced Control

Control’s setting, a secretive government facility that studies supernatural happenings, is engrossing. If you can’t get enough of the game’s surreal atmosphere, perhaps you should check out the SCP Foundation, a community-run fiction archive that many speculated was an inspiration for Control.

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You’ll find links to each artist’s portfolio in their names below.

Stuart Macdonald

Antti Puomio

Studio Piñata

Elias Frenckell

Faraz Shanyar

Áureo Lorenzo

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